Due to inflation, increase in interest rate and fall in the stock market, there has been a huge loss to the wealth of world’s wealthiest people.

In the current financial year so far, the top Dhanna Seths around the world have suffered a loss of billions. Due to the huge fall in the stock market, the wealth of these wealthy people has also seen a huge decline. According to the Bloomberg Millionaire Index, this year the wealth of the world’s 500 richest people has declined by about one hundred and ten lakh crores. Last Monday alone, $206 billion was sunk.

According to a report, due to rising interest rates and inflation, the stock markets around the world are falling upside down. The fall in wealth of Dhanna Seths is also the result of this. According to the Capgemini World Wealth Report announced on Tuesday, the trend is in reverse compared to the previous year. The boom in the city market last year made the rich all over the world richer. The boom in the previous year had increased the number of the world’s rich by 8%. The number of wealthy people in North America has increased by 13%. According to the data, the number of wealthy in the Asia Pacific region increased by 4 points 2 percent.

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At present, in the decline in the wealth of Dhanna Seth, the top five rich people of the world have suffered a loss of more than $345 billion. Chang Pang, CEO of Chinese technology company Binance, has suffered the most. Changping suffered a loss of $85.6 billion. Elon Musk is at number two, who has a loss of $ 73.2 billion. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has a loss of $ 65.3 billion and is also at number three. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has lost $ 64.4 billion and is at number four. Bernard Arnault has lost $56.8 billion and is at number five.

The reason for the decline in the wealth of Dhanna Seth has been the strong action taken by China on one of the companies and the slowdown in the real estate and stock market. Simultaneously, due to the rise in the US markets and the decrease in the value of the cryptocurrency, the wealth of Dhanna Seth is in reverse gear. It has to be seen how quickly the current closure of the market turns into bullishness.

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