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Dharmendra had said such thing on seeing Hema Malini

The live story of Dharmendra and Hema Malini is very different. It is said that the magic of Hema’s beauty was such that at that time everyone fell in love with her and everyone wanted to marry her. From Rajkumar to Jitendra, Sanjeev Kumar’s name also comes in this list. For the time being, Hema’s fate was written by Dharmendra only. This is the reason why Hema Malini surprised everyone by becoming the second wife of married Dharmendra in 1980. When Dharmendra saw Hema for the first time in the industry.

Used to go to premiere with mother


According to the news, Hema was new to films at that time. Then she used to go to the auditions of big films with her mother. In fact, then producer B. Ananthaswamy used to be Hema’s mentor. He had advised him to take his daughter to premieres of big films so that people would notice Hema.

Hema-Dharmendra came face to face

According to the news, Hema and Dharam Paji came face to face. It happened during the premiere of AK Abbas’s film Aasmaan Mahal. Came with my mother. Reached there wearing Kanjeevaram saree. Hema tells in her biography Hema Malini on the Dream Girl that in those days the staff was called to give feedback on the stage during the interval. Dharmendra had seen her on this occasion and had told actor Shashi Kapoor that Hema writes in her book that she had gone to see Dharmendra Sharma.

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