Corona uncontrollable in China, highest ever cases reported in a single day, small children being separated from parents!

New Delhi | Corona Uncontrol in China: China, which has spread panic due to corona epidemic in the world, has come under its own grip that the corona infection has become uncontrollable here. The highest number of daily cases recorded in a single day since the start of the pandemic was on Wednesday. More than 20,472 new cases of corona have been reported in China on Wednesday. Whereas, there is a lockdown in many cities here. Despite this, the pace of corona infection is not taking the name of stopping.

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Small children being separated from parents
Corona Uncontrol in China: The increasing cases of Corona have put the Chinese government to sleep. Despite the lockdown in Shanghai, China’s largest city, cases are increasing continuously. There is a fair of corona infected in the Quarantine Centers of Shanghai. The situation becomes even more pathetic when corona positive newborns and children are being separated from their parents.

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Things are bad in Shanghai, increasing anger among people
Corona is wreaking havoc in Shanghai, China. Here the situation has worsened. There is a line of corona infected in hospitals. Quarantine centers are full. In Shanghai, 26 million people are imprisoned in homes due to the lockdown. Due to lack of food and lockdown, people are craving for everything, due to which anger is increasing among them.

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