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Coronavirus Ka Naya Variant: The Coronavirus pandemic has once again started wreaking havoc all over the world. While governments are taking action to deal with the threat of Omicron Ka Khatra, the new variant of Corona found in November, in the meantime another new variant of Kovid-19 (Covid-19 New Variant) has been identified. This variant has been found in France. It is being told that 12 people in southern France have also been infected with this new variant. Scientists have identified it B.1.640.2. As in.

Regarding the new variant of Corona found in France, scientists say that so far 46 mutations have occurred in this form. Although this B.1.640.2. There has been no report so far about the infection rate of the virus and how dangerous it is. The study is still going on in this regard. According to media reports, all the patients who have been infected with this new variant had returned from Cameroon. In such a situation, this infection can spread to South African countries.

New variant can beat the vaccine

According to scientists, the new variant of Kovid can be dangerous at two levels, either it has high mortality or infection rate. In such a situation, new variants found in France are being studied. At the same time, people in whom the new variant has been confirmed, it has been said to see an unusual combination and that is that the new variant can beat the corona vaccine. According to scientists, the new variants are preparing immunity to the corona vaccine in themselves.

Omicron cases cross 1800 in India

Apparently, in November last year, South Africa had confirmed the presence of the Omicron variant. Since then, this new form has spread its feet in many countries. The name of India is also included in these countries. So far, more than 1800 Omicron cases have been reported in India. Along with this, Omicron Se Maut has also been registered in the country. The maximum number of new cases are being reported in Maharashtra and Delhi.

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