Congress opposed Agneepath in the parliamentary committee, said- Prime Minister should take back this decision…

New Delhi | Congress Agneepath Scheme BJP : Congress is seen opposing the Agneepath scheme from the very beginning. In such a situation, the Congress continued to oppose it in the Parliamentary Committee as well. It was said on behalf of the Congress that this is playing with the security of the country’s borders and the future of the youth. The government should immediately withdraw this scheme. Congress Rajya Sabha member and member of the Consultative Committee on Defense, Shakti Singh Gohil, during the discussion on Agneepath in the meeting of the committee on Monday, while speaking on the side of the Congress, said that this plan is dangerous for the country and the same thing is said by Captain Param Vir Chakra in the army himself. Bana Singh is also saying whom the country recognizes as the Hero of Siachen. He attacked Pakistan’s Quaid-e-Azam post at an altitude of 21 thousand feet and killed four of its soldiers. Opposing this plan, he said that save the country from it. Agneepath scheme will hurt us a lot.

Congress Agneepath Scheme BJP :
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Have to come back to the village after 4 years

Congress Agneepath Scheme BJP : Shakti Singh said that earlier when the youth of the village were recruited in the army, they used to get a lot of respect. Then people used to know that he would be in the army and he would get pension on completion of service, but now everyone knows that after joining the army, he will neither get promotion, nor increase his rank, nor will he get pension i.e. he does not have to get anything and He has to come home after four years. The government should withdraw the Agneepath scheme and if it has to be implemented, then it should be discussed in Parliament. A pilot project can be run anywhere in the country regarding the success of this scheme and a decision can be taken on the basis of that. To join the army, the children who have worked hard for three years should be recruited regularly in the army.

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This is playing with the security system of the country.

Congress Agneepath Scheme BJP : The member of the Consultative Committee said that I demand that the Prime Minister withdraw the Agneepath scheme immediately. Why don’t they see that the war between Ukraine and Russia is going on and experts in the war between Ukraine and Russia have agreed that the soldier who was in full service for a long time, his performance was much better than the soldier who was in short term job . Our fight is with China, China has entered our border, BJP MPs themselves have said this on their Twitter, at this time it is playing with the security of the nation.

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