China: Such fear of Corona that now fishes are also getting Kovid test, video surfaced

Even before this, other animals have also been tested for Kovid-19 in China.

Bad memories of the times of Corona are still sitting in everyone’s heart-o-mind. Even though the effect of Corona has worked, it is still there. In most countries of the world, the effect of corona has reduced, but in China, the fear of corona is still spreading so much that along with humans, animals are also being tested for covid.

Let us tell you that in Xiamen city of China, a video of health workers taking samples of sea-caught fish to do a Kovid test is going viral. More than five million people were ordered to undergo a Kovid-19 test after around 40 cases of corona were reported in Xiamen city. An official notice said that some sea creatures are also expected to be involved in the new Kovid testing campaign.

In recent weeks, Xiamen’s Jimmy Marine Epidemic Control District Committee issued a notice saying that when fishermen return to their ports, both fishermen and their seafood should be tested for COVID-19. After this, several videos surfaced on social media, in which medical workers were seen doing the Kovid-19 PCR test of live fish and crabs.

Kovid tests of animals are not a big deal in China. Even before this, other animals have also been tested for Kovid-19 in China. In May, Chinese media circulated footage of a hippo being tested at a wildlife park in Huzhou, eastern Zhejiang.

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