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Brahma, Jnana and Devarshi

How different would the world be in the twentieth century if there were no Gavrilo Princip, Hitler, Stalin, Mao? What would the world be like if it had not been for fifty wise, explorers, scientists born in the last two hundred years? The question is, how many inventive people were there to create turmoil in the lives of fifteen billion people of two hundred years?, According to one calculation not even 0.00000000005 percent of the total human population! Therefore, the social, economic, national, scientific, technological development of the lives of the present eight billion people is a miracle of truth derived from the mind-boggling intellect and curiosity of a few gods. The imaginings, plans, projects, events made in the axis of these have led to the unhappiness of modern development.

The mouth of the Holocaust – 16: There are four pillars of man and his civilization and history. Wings, tools, sticks and cage! Yes, these four words are the cause of human development, gradual evolution. The experiments are the gist of the experiences of the last ten thousand years. The moment the primitive man living in the jungles of Africa became inquisitive, he was to become the mind of Brahma, consciousness and knowing-understanding in the skull. It was the soul of the intellect. The senses had to be awakened. It was the beginning of the perception and experience of the surroundings. From that memory was formed again and gradual development started. The conscious mind is synonymous with the DNA of curiosity and the fidgetiness of knowing. Conscious, subconscious, intuitive, intellectual experience, truth-knowledge quest are all synonymous with that Brahman, from which the human mind calls something different from the animals. That is why the Hindu philosophy of creation from Brahma or Brahma is not absurd.

I consider curiosity as the beginning of flying by flapping the wings of humans in the ancient times. The exit of the hominid from the African caves, gradually spreading fearlessly throughout the earth, was due to the tendency of charavati, charavati. Then the orangutan and its Homo lineage were at liberty in the environment. He freely made the whole earth his own.

turning point of mankind

Man has known fire. started using it. That moment was also going to make him the best-intelligent creature among 87 lakh kinds of creatures of the world. After Swatantracheta Brahma, the realization of fire was an all-time, cosmopolitan achievement of the curious wings of man. Due to fire, man became separate and powerful from the rest of the animal world. The third turning point was the understanding of tool use. The moment an orangutan picked up a stone in his hand and used it to drive away an animal or break a nut like a walnut, it was a decisive event in the direction of human civilization. Tool means machine and life is gradual development of tools. In the tool tradition itself, then arrows, sticks, weapons, atomic bombs, robots, AI etc., etc., etc. The fourth pillar of orangutan civilization, factor hunting and animal husbandry, is the experience of forest life. Some one lakh ninety thousand years long life. That life was the mold of man into the cage of controlling, domesticating, possessing animals in the conditions of the jungle. The permanent, basic life of man was the creation of behavior. Human civilization was built and behaved on its foundation.

Surely the imagination, idea, knowledge of fire, the forces of nature, tools, sticks and cages arose out of the meditation and science of the gods of the flying intelligence. Which was used by the shepherd class of orangutans of half-intellect in their needs.

It is undeniable that even that basic behavior of orangutans has been made due to the flying intelligence of few gods. Due to his wisdom, man came out of darkness, from the forest, hunting, animal husbandry became agriculturist. Consciousness to seek the truth of nature (from fire, air, Indra to food) arose from the understanding of Brahman. Everything is the result of the meditation and contemplation of the gods who fly with their wings spread.

And know that in the human journey of two lakh years, there have been only a few such deities, learned Homo sapiens. A few hundred, a few thousand in number.

Devarshi vs Cattle Class

The point is that eight billion people of the earth are intelligent human or homo sapyin. In the personality of the split personality of man, 99.9 percent of the people are the imitation of similar animal instincts in the mind. That is why then and now the crowd of eight billion people is divided into cattle class, business class, pilot-shepherd class with animal behavior. The crowd lives life in different animal instincts. Only then science tells the truth of Einstein’s skull in the DNA composition of the biological body or a particular caste of Jews being the top god in intelligence, then it is not a wonder. In the coming times, there will be many revelations of biodiversity in the biological composition of the human body. That formidable future will be the earthquake of modern times.

However, the matter may seem simple, but think that four thousand years ago in the Indus river valley, in the curiosity of forest, land, water, air, fire, the sages and ascetics recognized the forces of nature, the mantras they created to invoke them. Wasn’t Devarshi equal? Mantras were inscribed in the memory of the mind, they were transferred from memory for many generations, so were Maharishi not a rare person in knowledge and wisdom, who made this possible? Yes, later his mantras, knowledge were misused. Animals of Cattle, Business, Shepherd class made shops of rituals, rituals and erudition, so that common man was due to the texture of nature. And more or less the same sequence remained in all civilizations.

Therefore, it is okay to call Brahman, the seeker of knowledge, the capricious, the meditator, the free-flying Gods, Homo sapiens, Homo dias (God Manus), but the multitude of animal instincts is not their synonym. There is a difference of intelligence and consciousness between human beings. Then there is destruction in the result of development. The crowd of human society consists of spending their lives in basic behavior i.e. tools, sticks and cages. He is wasting his time.

So, the wise gods flew away in the development of human civilization. He was searching for Idea and Truth in the supernatural fantasies of knowledge-meditation-science. Whereas, 98.8 percent of chimpanzees and orangutans, carrying DNA, lived in the cosmic conduct of hereditary animal instincts. As a result, there is the mouth of the doomsday.

Therefore, the usefulness of the life of a crowd of eight billion people in the name of a learned man aka Homo sapien is meaningless. There is nothing in their bus. They will consider the boiling, sinking earth as their destiny. won’t do anything. Will be restless They will neither improve nor will they come out of the cages of the boundary walls. In Cattle, Business, Pilot-Shepherd Class Bus, it is not possible to innovate and create behavior!

108 billion people and the earth

Scientists estimate that a hundred billion humans have lived their lives on Earth so far. There are currently eight billion people. At the end of this century, three-four billion (then estimated to have a population of 11-12 billion people) more humans will be born. Accordingly, consider the global human society of the end of 2020. What did the 112 billion people who have lived by then take from the earth and give it? Humans did not give anything to the earth but ate it like termites. What’s even more tragedy is that out of 112 billion human beings, most of the people made the earth a world of death at their own hands, lived their life as a hell!

The question is, what percentage of Homo sapiens will have a grand, independent, godly or knowledgeable, wise man in the lives of 108 billion people so far? Means the number of human beings like Sweden, Norway, Denmark living in Ramraj’s four-walled life. How many of the 108 billion people would have been destined to live a life of happiness, contentment, happiness as Homo sapiens of Scandinavian countries live? Not even one or two percent of the people got such a life!

There were hardly a few hundred gods in 108 billion people. The scraping of his knowledge is currently the fate of eight billion people. This is what man is flaunting. Create this canvas in the mind that the revolutions of human achievement are two-and-a-half hundred years old. The medieval Renaissance is also only five hundred years old. If the beginning of agriculture is considered as the beginning of human civilization, then the period of only six-eight thousand years. The real decisive time in all this, the great period of human population and the experience of knowledge explosion, is only of the last two hundred years.

And note the reason for knowledge-science-modernity, longevity of man and their dreams is the contemplation of a few twenty-fifty gods and their discovery! If you make the company of a few other wise men on their axis, then even the list of names and faces of thousand wise Homo sapiens will probably not be made.

The last two hundred years and…

Interesting truth. In the two centuries of the nineteen-twenty two centuries there was an explosion of population on Earth. Some five billion people were born. It was during this period that the Industrial Revolution of 1865-1900 took place. The discovery and use of electricity, steel, petrol changed the life of man. Steam engines, rails, steam ships, transport replaced farming and construction. One machine tool after another. Factories, assembly lines of production, telegraphs, communications, phones, typewriters, electric bulbs, phonograms, vehicles, airplanes, nuclear power-weapons, machine memory, computers, the Internet, and smartphones, etc. were used by fifteen billion people born in two hundred years. Have done or seen the use, all that became possible hardly with the ideas of fifty-hundred knowledgeable gods and their discoveries of knowledge and science!

Yes, in two hundred years list Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Niels Bohr, Graham Bell, Louis Pasteur, Johnas Salk, James D. Watson or Charles Darwin, Newton, Galileo, Aryabhata, Archimedes, Copernicus, If you collect the names of Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Fleming, Johannes Kepler etc. and make a list, then one hundred and two hundred, five hundred gods will be marked. Similarly, if we count the names of those who gave the knowledge and ideas of politics, society, philosophy of life, then that list of one hundred and two hundred people will be made, due to which there has been upheaval in the human history of four thousand years. Be it Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, who made America in modern times, or Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Stalin, Mao, who shook up global humanity, or Gavrilo, the spark of the First and Second World Wars Be it Princip and Hitler, because of these few people, the world and people’s lives changed like that, doesn’t it bring out the truth that the crowd is so much more intelligent Devarshi Chand!

Think, in the twentieth century itself, how different would the world be if it had not been for Gavrilo Princip, Hitler, Stalin, Mao? If there were not fifty sages, explorers, scientists born in the last two hundred years, what would the world be like now? The question is, how many inventive human beings were born to create turmoil in the lives of fifteen billion people of two hundred years? According to one calculation not even 0.00000000005 percent of the total human population!

That is why the social, economic, national, scientific, technological development in the lives of eight billion people is the miracle of truth derived from the mind-boggling intellect and curiosity of a few gods. The imaginings, plans, projects, events made in the axis of these have led to the unhappiness of modern development. If the vaccine had not been discovered, would humanity not have been exposed to the covid pandemic? Vaccines, antibiotics, the eponymous project to build the Internet, the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the brain squirming of Gorbachev or Bin Laden in the hero/villain of 9/11, but there were only two skulls !

The skull can be of the descendant tradition of the demonic deity Shukracharya, then also of the deities of the divine consciousness of the creator Brahma.

So much should be remembered that Brahma Devarshi was that philosopher, scientist, ascetic of truth, who took life out of the slate full of country and past and flew to the tune of the flight of free wings. They were neither domesticated nor dependent. He was a sincere, meditative truth seeker. Human beings got innumerable nectar urns from a few gods of this tendency – Homo sapiens! Only then it is true that Gods like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, the sages who wrote the Vedas, from Galerio to Einstein were not human beings from the periphery of a particular country and civilization, but they were swans and paramahamsa flying in the infinite of truth! (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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