Bollywood: “Don’t watch if you don’t like it! This is not a moral issue.

Ranveer is constantly in the news for his bold photoshoot

Bollywood’s versatile actor Ranveer Singh often remains in the headlines due to his impeccable style and unusual fashion sense. Nowadays Ranveer is constantly in the headlines for his bold photoshoot. However, since the appearance of these pictures of her, people are getting different reactions. Some people are appreciating her bold style, while some people are trolling her with these pictures, while on the other hand some people are also expressing strong objection to this picture of her. Meanwhile, now the reaction of Bollywood’s outspoken actress Swara Bhaskar has also come to the fore on this photoshoot of her.

Swara Bhaskar, who has expressed her opinion on some issue or the other, has once again come out and she reprimanded those who trolled Ranveer for nude photos. Taking out anger on the trolls, the actress tweeted a lot and scolded her. He wrote in his tweet, “Injustice and atrocities are happening in India every day, but our anger is reserved for the pictures of Ranveer Singh. If you don’t like the pictures then don’t look at them. If this is not your cup of tea then Don’t drink it. But don’t impose your choices on us, and no, it’s not a moral issue.”

Let us inform that earlier Poonam Pandey had also taken the side of Ranveer Singh. Poonam said that the actor has defeated her in the same game. At the same time, actress Deepika Padukone liked these pictures of her husband. Apart from this, Ranveer Singh himself had also reacted to this and said that he can take off clothes in front of 1000 people and he does not care about it.

It is worth noting that in the past, actor Ranveer Singh did a nude photoshoot for a magazine. As soon as the pictures of this photoshoot surfaced, people started trolling her fiercely on social media. In these pictures, the actor was seen posing without any clothes. However, his fans did not like this style of the actor. Because of this, various types of memes started going viral on these pictures of him. Seeing these photos became viral on the internet as well.

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