BJP will not be able to stop Nitish

Nitish Kumar’s separation from BJP is a matter of time now. The distance between the two has increased so much that now the relationship is bound to break. There is a meeting of JDU MLAs on Tuesday and on the other hand there is also a meeting of RJD MLAs. In the JDU meeting, Nitish Kumar can inform his MLAs about breaking rapport with the BJP. There has been talk of synergy between Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad. This thing happened only two months back and this event was to happen in June itself, which is happening now. According to informed sources, talks have been held between JDU and RJD till the distribution of 40 seats in the Lok Sabha. Lalu Prasad has agreed that both the parties will fight on equal number of seats. They have also agreed to keep Nitish Kumar as the Chief Minister for a short time.

Under this scheme, four MIM MLAs were disbanded and included in RJD so that RJD becomes the single largest party. Before that BJP was the single largest party and both Lalu and Nitish were worried that if the relationship between JD(U) and BJP breaks down, then BJP as the largest party can go to the Governor and stake claim to form the government. A leader can be sworn in as the Chief Minister. There is no such possibility now.

That is when the BJP is preparing to put some kind of loophole in the synergy between the two parties and the possibility of a new government being formed. The first factor is that the speaker of the assembly, Vijay Sinha, has become corona infected. In such a situation, there may be a hindrance in convening a special session of the Legislative Assembly. The Governor can defer the decision to convene the session on this ground. BJP leaders are also expressing the possibility of imposing President’s rule. But the difficulty is that with the coming together of the Grand Alliance and the BJP, the number of MLAs will become so large that it will not be stopped from forming the government. The Mahagathbandhan currently has 115 MLAs and with Nitish Kumar coming with 45 MLAs, the number will reach 160, while the majority figure is 122.

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