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Kaliyuga increased or decreased year?

seventy five Of India Kaliyuga increased or decreased?-1: The Indian subcontinent is the oldest cultural landmass on Earth. Soon India will be the number one country in the world in population. How should the life of 140 crore people of such a country be? Happy, contented, successful life. But what is the truth? Unclaimed life in the chaos-corruption of the people! Some one hundred crore people are living on five kilos of ration or a bailout of five hundred, thousand, two thousand rupees. India is the country of the world’s most oppressed, poorest crowd! Unrelenting plundering of dependent (China) and indigenous-crony East India companies in the economy. Despite nuclear superpower, a country insecure from enemies. There is rot everywhere in religion, society, politics and leadership. The helpless, fearful and superstitious life of the people.

How did India become such a country in the seventy five years of independence? Who is satisfied? Who is not worried about the future? Who is not hungry? What is made of politics? What is the story of society? What is the root of religion? What are the ugliness in the Sanatani civilization and culture? Has freedom not lost the eternal values ​​from which the culture continued to beat despite the slavery of one and a half millenniums? The country which was the cradle of civilization ‘The Wonder that was India’, how has it become a well of Jahalat-Kahili? Why is India in the dark of intelligence? Why the eyes, heart, mind and intellect of Indians do not have the capacity to see and understand the truth? Why is he not masculine and self-respecting?… Countless questions. Therefore, it is necessary that the foundation and journey of 15th August 1947 should be reconsidered. So, look at this brainstorming of mine-…

lost intelligence, and became desolate,

What is India today? What’s throbbing and resonating in his life, his breath, his voice? Isn’t the blood of the nation’s body black with lies? Is the human body not throbbing in pollution? Not only the air, water, food and drink, but the lives of common and special people have been exhausted in the lies of the mind and the pollution of fear. Like the mind, narrative and direction of the country, so is the life of the citizens wandering in silence. Creating a fearless, free-spirited society with our own hands, our deeds, people are living under the impression that we are becoming world gurus.

Oops! The world guru’s jumla and the reality of society’s disintegration and the dark tunnel of insecurity growing further. This is a continuous experience of seventy five years. How many conflicts took place in the society? How much did you get angry? How poverty and inequality in the economy grew despite those rhetoric that people have been hearing continuously since independence. That’s why the words should be considered first. Who did not say rhetoric! What is made of people from them, what is made of them, this is the tragedy of 75 years. Real India story. Socialism, public welfare, poverty removal, secularism, public welfare, corruption free and development for all, not appeasement, such rhetoric have been made in India that three generations died while waiting for words but The life of the common people did not come out of the animal herd. How many crore people are living a life of human dignity in India? It is estimated that the number of the total elite class of rulers-leaders-officers-traders of crony mercies will not even be three (or at most five) crores. These three crore lathiwans, powerful, Kalamwans, ruling the 135 crore population of India in the same way as the British, Mughals did before independence through their Kotwals.

Before 15th August 1947, even the common illiterate, poor people of India had been convinced by the faces of Gandhi, Nehru, Bhagat Singh that Ram Rajya would come if we get freedom. You will have your own government. The loot and corruption of foreigners will end. The arbitrariness of the policemen, policemen, officers will end. Rent recovery will decrease. At the time of slavery, the life of the people was then senseless and helpless. Yet he was drawing hope from the faces of the leaders fighting for freedom. The nation, which was dead by the thousand years of slavery, was alive. And exactly after seventy-five years, what is the scene today in the year 2022? What is Hindu believing? What is a Muslim knowing? What are the castes seeking? Population or caste and people have either hunger or revenge or fear. On such a huge scale, at all India level, 75 years of life in the history of India, even today we hear from the Parliament that the people of the country thank our leader, who is getting food grains. You are not dying of hunger. Is there any other community in the world living in such a rage?

Think anyhow, the answer to this question will be tragic that after a journey of 75 years, one hundred and forty crore people of India are getting into the nature and behavior of today, is it nectar or poison?

The twenty-first century and its third decade.. What is the ethos by which the citizens, society and government of India are living?

Accordingly, in the 75 years of independence, Indians had to have the wisdom to understand that what we have gained, what we have lost in our journey as compared to other ancient civilizations of the world, but the misfortune which did not become wise. Like before independence, the Indian mind is entangled in the nerves of silence, stupidity, devotion, slavery and fear. He cannot see, hear and understand the truth, nor can he think.

Therefore the important question is, what has freedom given to the people and to Mother India? What has been the increase in the quality of life of 140 crore people after 15th August 1947? Living in the nation-state of India Is heaven, Ram Rajya, or is it a hell of the difficulties of living? Be it Pandit Nehru’s Idea of ​​India or Narendra Modi’s Idea of ​​India, what did all this make of India and especially the civilization and culture of Hindus? Has the ancient Sanatani culture of the Hindus increased in dignity and glory or are they tarnished by a rather desolate, wild, superstitious, imitative, brainless human nature? The biggest and most serious thing that Indians live without being aware of how other civilizations have progressed, how they are living and how we are?

Nine days two and a half kos

Certainly what it is today is from the journey made by the freedom fighters, constitution makers, controllers. Pandit Nehru and the constitution he made comes from his legacy of secularism. Then there is the dasha-disha created by Narendra Modi and his Hindu Idea of ​​India. From all the 15 controllers (including Gulzarilal Nanda) sitting on the chair of the Prime Minister of Fat Fat Delhi, the same truth of India’s direction is proved that a celebrity is that if it does not disappear, then it does not even become a celebrity! It is not surprising then that as a result of the journey of seventy-five years, the present life of India is in a greater proportion dependent, unclaimed, haraamkhor and begari than during the time of the British. The families are crying because of the destruction of moral values. Society is broken. The nation’s life is on the verge of disintegration. India has taken every scenario of the disintegration on the seventy-five anniversary and the third battle of Panipat, which history has seen many times.

If someone tells all these lies then think what has Mother India found in the last 75 years? Is the mutual fighting and snatching of castes no longer legally valid from the Constitution of India? Has the public poison of caste division, animosity, ill-will not reached the streets? Aren’t the relations in the family, the relations of castes in the society, the relations between religions, sects and sects poisonous? Isn’t the disparity between the rich and the poor appalling? Is the moral-intellectual-religious character of people not disgusting, stinking? Isn’t India more dependent on foreign countries? Is the economy of 140 crore people not hostage to two or four indigenous East India companies and China? Isn’t India unsafe among neighbours? Does not the Indian within the country find himself many times more than in 1947 in the horror of mutual fighting, untruths, crimes?

Indian realities of living are well known. The journey of two and a half kos, which lasted nine days in seventy five years, is evidenced by experiences. All the global indices have been stamped on India’s failures. The truth is also revealed by global competitions, Olympics of pride and honor, Nobel Prizes etc. The mind will be blown away when you think that how many crore Hindus were living in charity in 1947 and now how many times more people than that are living by charity, freebies, corruption and loot. The person is either hungry or robbed. Those citizens are rare in the society, who are cultured Sanatani. The most dirty and shameless truth is that in the life of one hundred and one hundred and one hundred and fifty crore people, sometimes the government makes its own taunts by scolding itself by distributing five kilograms of ration, sometimes free vaccine, sometimes on the donation of five hundred thousand-two thousand rupees. As if living in free fodder and water in sheep and goats, human beings should be a Hindu heaven on earth!

Independent India has consumed the truth, shame, guilt, sensibility of Sanatani Hindu. Indians are no longer ashamed or ashamed. The mind of Indians is not restless and trembling that if this is so, then why? Shouldn’t we Hindus lash out at ourselves thinking that there is some fundamental mistake, due to which our journey is going to fall into the abyss!

the way to the blind by the blind

The problem is with the neural network of the Indian skull. Fourteen hundred years of slavery has made the Hindu so accustomed to living in darkness that he does not understand the difference between darkness and light. Living in darkness, the intellect is blind and foolish. It is impossible to think. That is why this verse of Kathopanishad seems to be made for us Hindus that those who believe themselves to be knowledgeable and great scholars while living in ignorance, foolishness, they go astray by stumbling like a fool. Such foolish people are realizing the proverb of the blind showing the way to the blind. (“Avidyaam antare presentaah swayam dhiraah panditam manyamanaah dandramyamana: mudhah paryanti yath and neemana: andhah॥)

Here is the essence of the journey of independent India! Whether it is Pandit Nehru’s Idea of ​​India or Narendra Modi’s, if wandering and imperfection is the truth in everyone’s results, then the blind wandering the path of the blind is self-evident. The so-called intellectuals (be it secular or Hindu), sovereign class, ruling leaders, prime ministers blame each other and whatever they say in their fantasies, arrogance, superstitions, in the end, they come to know about the Indian reality of living in a blind cave. Prove yourself a failure. The experience of the community does not make a difference whether the destination was achieved by Nehru’s idea or Modi’s idea. If hunger, devotion and fear are the result of the entire journey from Nehru to Modi, then tie the knot to the fact that India’s problem is deep and leaders and ideas are absolute!

In fact, the wrong foundation of independent India was formed. While framing the constitution, the intellect of the framers of the constitution neither thought nor thought in the vision of the long-term future nor took care of the history. There was an even bigger mistake which did not honor the life of independent India with the basic mantras of knowledge of the eternal truth of Hindu life, culture-civilization. The sacrifice of the Constituent Assembly that made India was not from the originality of India, the language of India, the mantras of Indian thought, but from those things, that language, that mold, which created the illusion of being modern but without cultural-religious values. On the foundation of brick and cementless cement. Silent, sloppy imitation and jugaad have created that hollow foundation of India, which has created an uncultural jungle of false-corrupt and desolate life. Only then, in independent India, those rites of civil-nation life did not become those qualities, they did not become the character, which would make the glory of the eternal Hindu existence of civilization-culture-religion-community. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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