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Bigg Boss: Weekend Ka Vaar was heavy on this actress, out of the show

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Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss: The popular show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has been on air from 1 October. Let us tell you that the fans like this show very much. One to one contestants have also participated in this season. Wherein Weekend Ka Vaar started with Sumbul. Let Sumbul be explained by Shaleen Bhanot and Tina Dutta. Due to which Nimrat Kaur gets into an argument with Tina. Nimrat Kaur tells Shaleen that Tina has repeatedly told you from the beginning that Sumbul loves you. Why didn’t you understand? On the other hand, Shaleen says that I was explaining to Sumbul for a long time, but you did not understand. Then Shaleen shouts out loud that whatever happens, it is the man who always looks wrong. At the same time, Sumbul again starts crying loudly and everyone silences her. After this Sumbul holds Tina and Shaleen’s hand and asks do you both love me. So Tina says yes we really love you very much.

Salman explained

Salman says Sumbul your father explained a lot to you, but what did you do? When Sumbul falls silent, Salman says that I tell you, you did what your father forbade. If you do not understand, then think carefully about what your father said. When you grow up and think about all these things, you will laugh.

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Sumbul’s father had said this thing

Let us tell you that Salman Khan calls Sumbul’s father on the stage. He explains to Sumbul that you are being used. At the same time, he tells Sumbul the truth. Sumbul’s father tells Shaleen that an 18 year old girl comes to you and you make a spectacle of her in the whole house, I didn’t expect this from you. You should have handled her as a daughter or sister. After this he tells Tina that you provoked Shaleen and you did not explain Sumbul at all. After this, he recites a poem, motivating Sumbul to not bow down. Hearing this, Tamarind starts crying.

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Sreejita is out

In the finale of the show, Salman Khan tells who is getting evicted from the show this week and he takes Sreejita’s name. Everyone first thinks that Salman is joking. But then after Salman’s departure, everyone is convinced that Sritija is leaving.

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