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Bhojpuri Stars Wife: These Bhojpuri stars are slaves of Joru

Bhojpuri Stars Wife: Bhojpuri cinema is also not behind any big cinema today. Some stars who maintain the image of action heroes on screen are called Joru’s slaves behind the scenes. Yes, these stars love their Mehraru very much and some stars are very much afraid of their Mehraru, for those who do not know the meaning of their Mehraru, let us tell you that Mehraru means wife and at the behest of these beautiful wives Today we are going to tell you about the dancing Bhojpuri stars.

Ravi Kishan


Ravi Kishan had found his love in his childhood. After the first meeting with Preeti Kishan, Ravi Kishan knew that he had to spend his life with her, but do you know that he loves his wife so much that every day after his wife falls asleep, he touches her feet. Let’s sleep. Yes, he sacrifices his life for his wife.

Yash Kumar

Yash Kumar, who got married to Nidhi Jha after divorcing Anjana Singh, is also called Joru’s slave. He loves Nidhi Jha a lot. Yash Kumar makes every day special for his wife Nidhi Jha by clarifying.

Khesari Lal Yadav

Khesari Lal Yadav’s name comes in this list, he loves his wife Chanda a lot. Along with this, he is also afraid of his wife. He himself confessed this on national television. He had told how his arch keeps him tight.

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