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Benefits Of Almond Milk: Almond makes the mind sharp and the body fit. Along with almonds, almond milk is also very beneficial. Many types of nutrients are found in it. It is rich in calcium, riboflavin, vitamin E and vitamin D which provide nourishment to the body and mind.

Almond milk is easily available in the market. But some people prefer to make it at home. Let us tell you that along with milk, almond flour also comes. Almond milk is considered very good for those who do not consume cow’s milk. Or they are allergic to cow’s milk. Let us tell you about the benefits of almond milk.

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Benefits of drinking almond milk (Badam Ke Doodh Ke Fayde)

There are many benefits of drinking almond milk-

Low Calorie Milk

Almond milk has fewer calories than cow’s milk. Some people believe that almonds contain a high amount of calories and fat, but almond milk is made in such a way that it does not save calories at all. Therefore, those who want to lose weight almond milk can also drink.

If we consume almond milk in place of cow’s milk for 2-3 days, then about 348 calories will be reduced, due to which there is a significant reduction in weight (Almond Milk For Weight Loss). We should avoid adding sugar to almond milk. Because it is high in calories. And apart from this, the amount of calories in almond milk made at home is also high. Therefore, instead of making it at home, consume only market milk for weight loss.

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Rich in Vitamin D (Vitamin D rich Almond Milk)

Along with calcium, we also need vitamin D to provide strength to bones. Vitamin D is very important for our health. Its deficiency can cause weakness in bones, heart related diseases, weakening of the immune system, etc. By the way, it is said that we get vitamin D from sunlight.

But due to the change in the lifestyle of people, where are people able to take sunlight nowadays, so that the deficiency of vitamin D of their body can be fulfilled. Milk, juice, cereals, cheese etc. are some such things in which vitamin D is found. You can consume almond milk daily for vitamin D.

Lactose Free Hai Badam Ka Doodh

Some people are allergic to the lactose found in milk as well as lack the ability to digest lactose. This happens because of the lack of an enzyme called lactase in them. Lactose is not found in almond milk, due to which everyone can consume almond milk without any worries.

Low In Phosphorus And Potassium In Almond Milk

Often people do not drink milk because potassium and phosphorus are found in abundance in it. Which is harmful for people with kidney problems. Due to excessive amount of phosphorus in the blood, diseases like heart disease, bone problems occur. Almond milk contains less amount of both the grains, due to which its consumption is beneficial for people suffering from kidney problems.

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Almond milk is full of calcium

The name of calcium is also associated with the name of milk. Because everyone knows that milk is full of calcium. But almond milk lacks calcium. That is why at the time of production of almond milk, it is made in such a way that it is rich in calcium. Calcium is very important for strong bones. Calcium prevents diseases like osteoporosis. Remember that for calcium, you will have to take almonds from the market instead of at home.


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