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Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl 2 teaser surfaced

Ayushmann Khurrana Dream Girl 2: Everyone will remember the worship of Dreamgirl. She was so naughty. Everyone knows about her 1 month back everyone saw her flirting with Pathan. This curiosity has increased now. In the affair of Bollywood’s most cunning person i.e. Ranbir Kapoor. Now you must be wondering why we are saying these things. Let us tell you that the new trailer of Dreamgirl 2 has been released. In this, Ayushmann Khurrana once again appeared as a dream girl.

First Pathan now Makkar


In the old teaser, where Ayushmann was seen talking with Pathan, in this teaser he is seen talking with Makkar i.e. Ranbir Kapoor. However, Aaliya’s voice also comes in between and she catches Ranbir’s theft.

So you saw that this funny film will be released on July 7. All the stars are already engaged in its promotion. Especially Ayushmann Khurrana has taken this responsibility on his shoulders. Dreamgirl was a tremendous hit. Now again this story will be shown in a new style, but this time Ananya Pandey will be seen in place of Nushrat Bharucha in the film.

Actor’s magic is not working

People liked Ayushmann’s film very much, but there is no doubt that Ayushmann has not given any big hit film for a long time. His films are released but do not make a splash at the box office. Doctor Ji, An Action Hero, many were released in his flop films. All these three films were of different genre, yet people did not like it.

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