Ayush Mauryavanshi : Biography Of A Successful Digital Entrepreneur

Ayush Mauryavanshi is an Indian Born Digital Marketer, Blogger, Web-Developer and PR Expert. He was born and raised in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Ayush started his journey as WordPress Developer. Now he has successfully established himself as a professional in this field.

From his young age, he was so much curious about digital things. So, soon after completing his secondary level education, he started learning Coding, Web Development, and Digital marketing. Ayush was always average at study and he was always on the list of average students. However, his goal was a bit different from others, and always wanted to learn something beyond the school syllabus and curriculum. He Also Have Large Quantity Investment in Crypto, MF ,Stocks and Startups.

So, he came across the field of Digital Marketing or Digital Entrepreneurs. His passion for computer and technology leads him to become The young entrepreneur and founders of three startup of his generation. Besides this, he has also completed his graduation from Marketing field. College Degree was one of his bad investments according to him. He believes that we can learn anything for free all we need to have is a strong commitment toward learning.

Journey towards Digital Entrepreneurship

So, let’s look at this 19-year-old entrepreneur journey in the digital Entrepreneur field. Ayush started coding when he was just 15 years old. He started learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in his initial days. This has developed a strong base for his career in Digital technology. Later on, he founded his very first company “TheGrowwers” after a lot of hard work and failure. However, it also taught him a lesson and knowledge about startups. Slowly he began providing his service to his audience and also received a lot of positive comments from the customer. This motivated him a lot to give the best in this field.

Then he came into two more startups which are also working great. Thanks to his prior knowledge and the lesson that was learned from his first startups. Now he has served many national and international clients from all around the globe. His Strong commitment towards quality service has driven a lot of potential customers to his product.

What is “TheGrowwers”

“TheGrowwers” is mainly a Digital Marketing Agency which let user grow the business from both online and offline. Currently, he offers a lot of different services on his website including SEO, Social Media Handling, Press Publication, Website Handling, and SEO. Besides this, he offers a lot of similar services for improving one business. By now he has served a lot of National and International customers across the globe.

IG-  ayush_mauryavanshi

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