Arjun Gupta: The Promising Entrepreneur In India With An Extraordinary Business Acumen

Arjun Gupta is a distinguished entrepreneur and digital marketing expert from the city of Kanpur in India. He has emerged as the youngest serial entrepreneur in India with his exceedingly successful digital marketing agency AN Group Media which runs under the main company, AN Group International. Today, Arjun Gupta works with numerous high end clients and brands in India and abroad. What made Arjun Gupta become the top choice for national and international social media celebrities, businesspeople, artists and influencers? We find out in this candid interview with him.

So how did it all begin? Was it a well thought out decision to enter this industry?

The digital marketing industry has always intrigued me. In school, I was actively involved in freelancing and understanding how brands and people make use of digital marketing and advertising techniques to enhance and increase their markets. I always knew that I wanted to become a digital marketing expert and work directly and independently with various clients. This is how the AN Group Media and AN Group International came into being.

What goes behind maintaining the quality of your services? And how did you form a huge customer base?

I have always focused on delivering results that are in complete harmony with the clients’ requirements and original requests. The one thing that has led me to where I am today is honesty. I’ve never left any stone unturned to keep my promises and maintain the faith that my clients place in me.

Can you briefly tell us about the various services that your firm AN Group Media offers?

AN Group Media focuses on digital strategy and techniques to help people and brands promote themselves and operate in larger market sizes. Some of the digital marketing services that I provide are social media handling, e-commerce development, online advertising, press publication (PR), website and application development, search engine optimization and other Information Technology based solutions.

You’re the youngest serial entrepreneur in India. So much would’ve gone behind accomplishing that tag. What has been the best moment in business for you?

There have been many but the most recent one is of the month of March when my firm crossed the million benchmark in terms of turnover. This achievement made me feel like all those late night work hours, intense idea generation and brainstorming sessions and continuous persistence have been worthwhile. Currently, I plan to take my business to new levels by expanding the spectrum of digital services and techniques that AN Group Media and AN Group International offer.









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