Apple’s Privacy Eyewear feature will prevent others from seeing your phone screen

iPhone New Features : It often happens that when we use our phone on the metro, bus or other public place, then people keep peeping from side to side on our screen. In such a situation, we cannot do anything even if we want to. But for Apple users, this problem can be resolved soon. Actually Apple is working on such technology, which will prevent other people from seeing the content on your screen. Let us know what is this full feature and how will it work.

This is a special feature

According to the report, the special feature that Apple is working on is named Privacy Eyewear. For this, he has filed an application in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This is where this thing has been revealed. Under this technology, Apple is working on such glasses, which will only see the content of the iPhone while wearing it. That is, those around you will not be able to see the content of your phone screen.

will work like this

According to the information, a standard graphical output will go from the iPhone to the glasses. With this, any activity on the screen of the phone can be seen only when you put on those glasses. There will also be a calibration graphics option in it, so that the phone screen can also be blurred.

Working on some more features

The application granted for the patent has revealed that the company is also working on the Face ID feature in addition to Privacy Eyewear. Not only this, Apple is working on another special technology. Under this, the iPhone will recognize other users by the difference between their hairstyle, beard-mustache, glasses and other things. However, the situation is not clear whether all these features will be available in iPhone 13 after testing or not. It may be that people have to wait for the new version of iPhone for these features.

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