Anupam Khair needs the address of the son who is carrying the old mother on her shoulder for 20 years and making the pilgrimage!

Anupam Khair, one of the well-known Bollywood actors, is very active on social media. They express their opinion on related developments freely. Apart from this, he also keeps sharing information about the service work being done through private service organization AnupamCares. On Monday, Anupam Khair shared an out-of-the-box picture that left his fans very happy and praised Anupam Khair.

Actually Anupam Khair shared a picture on social media in which a man is carrying his old mother on his shoulder. The caption accompanying the picture reads that the person seen in the picture is Kailash Giri Brahmachari who has been carrying his blind old mother on his shoulder for the last twenty years and has been taking tours of various pilgrimages in the country.

Sharing the picture, Anupam Khair wrote that if this picture is true then he would like to find that person and through his service organization Anutam Cares, for a lifetime, Kailash Giri Brahmachari and his mother have the opportunity to go to pilgrimage anywhere in the country. You will feel proud to bear the expenses.

His fans are appreciating this sentiment of Anupam Khair. His post on Twitter has got more than 10 thousand likes and more than thousand retweets so far. A user has even suggested Anumat Khair to make a film on this story. By the way, on searching the internet, this video of Kailash Giri Brahmachari appears on YouTube, which has been uploaded in 2021. Have a look.

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