On the pretext of making people billionaires, this beautiful lady has been blown away by blowing 32 thousand crores!

There is a recession in the investment world these days. Be it the stock market or bullion or crypto market, recession is visible everywhere. As far as cryptocurrency is concerned, it is still viewed with suspicion. The price of bitcoin, the biggest name in cryptocurrency, is also falling continuously and the capital that investors have invested in it seems to be sinking. By the way, in the crypto currency world, apart from bitcoin, many other coins have dominated over the years and it had a captivating name, One Coin. Yes, a beautiful woman named Ruja Ignatova, originally from Bulgaria, had so much eloquence in front of investors that hundreds of people from all over the world had invested their life’s hard earned money in One Coin. But One Coin, which was launched in 2014, has proved to be a big scam in itself.

Ruja Ignatova, known worldwide as Cryptoquine, is absconding after carrying out this big scam. According to an estimate, Ruja Ignatova is accused of cheating of 32 thousand crore rupees in this whole scam. Ruja Ignatova, who has gone missing after dreaming of making people a billionaire, is being searched by the US investigative agency FBI around the world. Ruja Ignatova tops the FBI’s Top 10 Wanted List.

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