Another shock of inflation! Price of CNG increased, PNG also became expensive

New Delhi | CNG PNG Price Hike: After increasing the prices of petrol and diesel in the country for two consecutive days, today the oil companies have not increased their prices, but still have given the shock of inflation from the other side. Companies have now increased the prices of CNG gas. In such a situation, now people will have to pay a higher price for CNG gas. The price of CNG in Delhi has been increased by 50 paise. From today, instead of Rs 59.01 for CNG, Rs 59.51 will have to be paid. In such a situation, along with petrol and diesel vehicles, now the cost of CNG-run vehicles will also increase. The cooking gas of the house has already been made expensive. Now due to increase in the price of CNG, auto, taxi, bus fare will also increase.

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PNG also became expensive
CNG PNG Price Hike: On the other hand, after increasing the gas cylinder by Rs 50 on March 22, now Indraprastha Gas Limited has also increased the prices of domestic piped natural gas. In Delhi-NCR, the price of PNG has been increased by Re 1 cubic meter, after which PNG will be available at Rs 36.61 per unit. The new prices have come into effect from today.

Petrol and diesel prices today
– Petrol in Delhi Rs 97.01 per liter and diesel Rs 88.27 per liter.
In Mumbai, petrol costs Rs 111.67 per liter and diesel Rs 95.85 per liter.
Petrol in Kolkata Rs 106.34 per liter and diesel Rs 91.42 per liter.
In Chennai, the price of petrol is Rs 102.91 per liter and diesel is Rs 92.95 per liter.

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