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An Interview Of Mitra Gadhvi

Mitra Gadhvi is very well known as Loy in Gujarati Movie Chhello Divas. Here’s an exclusive interview of Mitra Gadhvi.


1. Did you want to be an actor from childhood?

• I have participated in a fancy dress competition in my early school days at Navsari. Then I joined A Group named “Sarjan”. I have given various performance with the group. In Vallabh Vidyanagar, I have participated in a youth festival for 6 years. So basically I’m constantly on stage from my childhood.


2. Any special moment of your acting life that put a smile on your face?

• I was in last year of my graduation in Semcom, Vallabh vidyanagar. In the youth festival,l there’s a competition named “One Act Play “. Semcom never won first prize in that. We performed a play named “Sikka Ni Triji Baju”. I was performing a role of a Chhakka. And we got the first prize after working hard for 3 months. And Chello Divas Is Best film moment.


3. You’ve written & directed a play ‘Listen – We Need To Talk’. So As Per Your View What’s the Difference Between A Play and A Movie ?

• In a play, you’re very close to your audience. The instant reaction of the Audience helps you to improve your acting. On the other side, you can showcase your acting with more number of people in a movie. The moment when your movie is going to release is fantastic for every single actor.


4. Who is your ideal personality ?

• Many Personalities Are There. I’m following Amitabh Bachchhan Sir Since My childhood. Even I like Irfan Khan & Ranbir Kapoor.


5. How Can You Describe “Chhello Divas” Movie In A Sentence ?

• Naya Mod ( New Deflection )


6. Is there any update regarding Chhello Divas-2 ?

• No There isn’t. But together we’re making a new movie.


7. A celebrity life & A Common man life. Which life do you prefer ?

• In the life of a celebrity, one gets so much love, respect and for their talent. But you don’t have enough privacy. In common life, there’s no one to judge your lifestyle. I’m missing that individual moments a little bit.


8. There’s a huge difference between the past & the present of Gujarati Movie Industry. So as a lead actor what’s your effort to improve the quality of our industry ?

• See, the past of Gujarati movie was brilliant. After some years the performance decreased. But now both urban and rural movie are getting appreciation from the audience.
As a lead actor, I would like to make more Gujarati movies based on our own incredible Gujarati novels. So the people can know more about our heritage.


9. Would you like to work in Bollywood ?

• Actually, I had worked in a Bollywood movie named “Fattak” as a parallel actor but somehow the movie wasn’t released. I’m waiting for some good roles.


10. Young generation wants to fulfill their dream, but there’s a stereotype in our society regarding the profession. What’s your opinion about it ?

• Nowadays parents understand that their child is better than before. So if one wants to fulfill their dream then one should not worry about the society. But get ready for the failure if you want to do something different than others.


11. One “Kaafi Random Question” Please !

• 10 Kg Capsicum Kam Hota Hai Ki Jyaada ?


12. Nikhil, Loy, Vicky & Dhulo. Tell us about your friendship.

• We’re not friends, we’re like brothers. You will find #Brothers on our posts. Since the beginning of Chhello Divas, our bonding is strong and is getting stronger day by day.


13. Our aim is youth empowerment. Would you like to give any message/advice to Youth ?

• Let’s care about very little things in our life. Like, don’t throw wrappers/ rubbish anywhere. Say no to plastic. Don’t use polythene. Use water only if required. Let’s help the environment and the people as well.


That’s all in this exclusive interview of Mitra Gadhvi. Follow him on Instagram @mitragadhvi to get some amazing stuff.

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