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an example of misery

There are many such recruitment exams in India at the moment, Which is stuck due to allegations of rigging. Among them there is also the Inspector Recruitment Examination in UP. Undoubted, In this the truth of the allegation of rigging should come out. But, This is less likely to happen, Because such things are not on the agenda of the country at the moment.

Since the problems of common people are not important news for the mainstream media in today’s era, such news often does not come in the discussion. While these difficulties are increasing continuously. Consider an example of this. The candidates of Daroga Recruitment Exam in Uttar Pradesh are performing in Lucknow for more than a month. They allege that there has been rigging in the Inspector Recruitment examination and it should be investigated. But leave the country, this is not a big issue even in the media and political circles of Uttar Pradesh. Whereas the reality is that at present there are many such recruitment examinations in India, which are stuck due to allegations of rigging. Dozens of people have been arrested so far in the case of rigging in the recruitment examination in Uttar Pradesh. But the exam has not been cancelled. For this reason, hundreds of students have been protesting at the EcoGarden ground in Lucknow for the past one month with different types of banners in their hands. They demand that the alleged rigging in the last year’s SI i.e. Inspector Recruitment examination should be investigated and the examination should be cancelled.

On Tuesday this week, students reached Lucknow and demonstrated in front of the office of the UP Police Recruitment Board. They wanted to reach the assembly. But they were chased away using police force. Whereas the allegations of the candidates are very serious. He says that the state government has given the responsibility of conducting the online examination to an agency named NSIET, which is blacklisted in six states of the country including Madhya Pradesh. The Madhya Pradesh High Court has also imposed a fine of 3.5 crores on this company. Despite this, the same agency was given the responsibility of the recruitment examination in UP. So there is merit in the allegation that giving the responsibility of examination to a company involved in corruption clearly means that high level officials are also involved in it. Of course, this alleged rigging must be exposed. But, the chances of this happening are slim, as such things are not on the agenda of the country at the moment.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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