America: Now even the dogs of the house are not safe! Thieves stole many bulldogs by breaking the window of the house

The Port St. Louis Police Department gave this information in its Facebook post.

You must have heard about the theft of many things till date, but have you heard about the theft of any pet? Otherwise listen now! In fact, in Florida, America, thieves broke into the window of a house and stole not one but 19 French bulldogs. The cost of these dogs is being said to be more than one lakh dollars i.e. 80 lakh rupees. The Port St. Louis Police Department gave this information in its Facebook post. Now the police is looking for the thieves. Police said thieves broke into the bedroom and stole the dogs.

information shared on facebook

Let us tell you that the police also said in their Facebook post that the theft took place around 11.30 am on Friday when no one was in the house. Photos of the house shared on Facebook show a broken window. Police said the suspects stole the animals in a silver-coloured four-door vehicle when the front bumper of the vehicle also fell down. The post’s caption read, “This incident just happened. Thieves broke into a house and stole 19 Bulldogs. Today at 11:21 am. PSLPD responded quickly to the theft that stole 19 French Bulldogs by breaking a window The cost of which is more than a million dollars. No member of the household was present at the time of the theft.”

French Bulldog thefts on the rise in recent years

Significantly, according to the report, the theft of French Bulldogs has increased in recent years. Many people believe that the high price of these dogs is behind this. The French Bulldog is the second most popular dog breed in America. They range in price from $1,500 to $4,500.

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