Akhilesh sitting on dharna

Lucknow. Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav and MLAs were stopped before the Raj Bhavan by the police, who were marching on foot to the assembly on other issues including inflation and unemployment.

SP MLAs led by Akhilesh were on their way to the Vidhan Bhavan while marching on foot to participate in the monsoon session of the Legislative Assembly starting Monday. After moving a little further, the police stopped Akhilesh and other SP MLAs before the Raj Bhavan by putting up barricades. The SP MLAs were moving forward with placards in their hands, protesting. He was stopped only after proceeding some distance away from the SP office.

Police officers forbade them to march on foot. All the SP MLAs, including Akhilesh, sat on a dharna on the road after the police did not allow them to proceed. Police is trying to persuade them. (talk)

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