America ready to defend Taiwan

Washington. US President Joe Biden has again reiterated that the US military will defend in the event of an attack on Taiwan by China.

In a CBS interview, Mr Biden was asked whether US forces would defend Taiwan if China attacked Taiwan. In response, the US President agreed and replied ‘yes’. The interview aired on Sunday, after which the White House reiterated that there was no change in US policy. He said America’s policy has always been one of “strategic ambiguity”. The US is not committed to defending Taiwan, but does not rule out the option either.

Taiwan is a self-governing island off the coast of East China that China claims as its territory. America has been taking diplomatic strictness on this issue for a long time. On the one hand it follows the China policy, which is also the basis of its relations with China.

Mr Biden said that is the policy of one China and that Taiwan can make its own decisions on its independence. We are not moving forward, not encouraging them to seek independence from China – ‘It’s Taiwan’s own decision.’

Mr Bidne said in yesterday’s interview that Russia has also been warned not to use chemical or strategic nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine. (talk)

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