After the export of wheat, the government now banned wheat flour and other products

It is mandatory to take the approval of the Inter-Ministerial Committee before sending the goods abroad.

After banning the export of wheat by the government, now the export of wheat flour and allied products has been banned. Exporters will now have to take the approval of the Inter-Ministerial Committee before sending the goods abroad. These new rules will be effective from July 12. The government had earlier banned the export of wheat in May. This decision has been taken to check the rising prices of wheat in the country as well as to ease the supply.

Regarding this, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said that wheat flour can be exported but for this it will be necessary to take the approval of the Inter-Ministerial Committee. As per the new notification, wheat flour, meal, semolina and all other types of flour cannot be exported. The government will issue separate guidelines regarding the quality of wheat flour. The DGFT said that from July 8 to 12, only the shipped shipments will be allowed for export. Export of goods entrusted to Customs for export will be permitted. In addition, all shipment consignments will be put on hold. After the ban on export of wheat, traders used to make a living by exporting wheat flour. Because of this the prices in the country were increasing. Therefore the export of wheat flour was stopped.

According to a report, India exported 96,000 tonnes of wheat flour in April 2022. It was 26,000 tonnes in the same period last year. After wheat exports, wheat flour exports increased rapidly in FY22. In FY22, the government exported 70 lakh tonnes of wheat worth Rs 212 billion. Which shows an increase of 274 percent in value in the last one year.

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