After all, why iPhone X with 50 thousand rupees sold for 64 lakh rupees, know what is so special


iPhone Price : The iPhone, which is in the news for the price of its upcoming new model, is once again in the news, but this time the reason is not the price of the new model, but the price of the 4-year old model. Yes, Apple’s iPhone X, launched in 2017, has recently been sold for Rs 64 lakh, while its market price is about 50 thousand rupees. Let us know what is the whole matter and why is this phone sold so expensive.

this is the reason

Apple provides Lightning port for charging in its iPhone. When the company launched the iPhone 13 with a new look and new features this year, it was expected that the charging pattern would change and now it would feature a USB Type C port. But Apple did not do this and once again continued the Lightning port itself. After this an engineer decided to change the iPhone. This engineer named Ken Pillonel installed a USB Type C port in the iPhone X he had. Its experiment was successful and this phone is now being charged with USB Type C charger as well.

Uploaded to eBay after the change

After this change, Ken Pillonel uploaded the phone to the online shopping site eBay for auction on 1 November 2021. According to the report of iMore, at first it got a low response, but later a person made a maximum bid of $ 86 thousand for this phone. While uploading it, Ken Pillonel claimed that this phone can not only be charged with a USB Type C charger but data transfer can also be done from it. Ken Pillonel is a student of robotics at the Swiss Feder Institute of Technology.

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