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After all, who is the girl wearing bikini in Delhi Metro?

Delhi Metro Viral Video: People who live on social media. By now, he must have seen the video of a girl traveling in Delhi Metro wearing a bikini. After the video went viral, there is a debate everywhere. If it is said that the social media (Delhi Metro Bikini Girl) has been divided into two parties. Many people are questioning the character of the girl while some are comparing her with Urfi Javed. There has been a lot of discussion about Urfi’s dress as well, but who is this girl who comes wearing a bold dress in the metro. Let’s know about it.

girl’s name


The name of the girl seen wearing bikini in Delhi Metro is Rhythm Chanana. He said that it is her freedom what she wants to wear. He has said this. He wrote on his Instagram account that people are asking him by messaging that you are the girl from Metro. In response, Chanana said that yes, I am that girl.

talk of rhythm gram

Rhythm Chanana has said in an interview that

He has not done this to become famous or for publicity stunt. He doesn’t care what people say. When he was asked whether he has taken this step after being inspired by Urfi Javed? On this Chanana said, I do not know him nor am I inspired by him. A few days back a friend had shown his picture to me. This choice is not made in a day. It is a complete process. My family is orthodox. I don’t have the freedom to do all this there. One day I decided that if I do the same then it will happen in my mind. I have been traveling like this for several months now. He also said that his family members are also not happy in this way. Neighbors also keep threatening them. But they don’t care about it.

Delhi Metro statement

So after the video went viral, the statement of Metro Rail Corporation has also come. DMRC said that it expects all passengers to follow the rules and etiquette. Passengers should not wear such clothes or indulge in any such activity, which insults the sensibility of other passengers. Obscenity is a punishable offense under section 59 of DMRC’s Operations and Maintenance Act.

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