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Actress Angelina Jolie helped Turkey Syria

Angelina Jolie On Turkey-Syria Earthquake: There is only one thing being talked about all over the world at the moment and that is the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. This earthquake took many lives in itself. So far 29,896 people have died in this devastation. In which more than 85 thousand people have also been injured in the grip of this earthquake. It is also being claimed that this figure can be doubled. People are very upset due to this disaster. Now American star Angelina Jolie has come forward to help the victims.

Amazing pictures shared


Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has thought of helping Turkey and Syria. On his Instagram account, he has shared heart-wrenching photos from Turkey and Syria earthquakes, along with this he has also announced his help. The actress has also shared a video on Insta, which is of the rescue worker only. In this video, the person is engaged in pleading for help. In one photo, a girl buried under the debris is seen, whose father is sitting there holding her hand. Similarly, many heart-wrenching pictures have been shared by Angelina Jolie.

Angelina extended a helping hand

The actress wrote in the caption of the photos that,

“My heart goes out to the people of Syria and Turkey. It is difficult to understand the unimaginable pain endured by many families. I was sent this by a friend from inside North West Syria. I have decided to support The White Helmets and @tphilanthropy. I hope others will consider donating. So that they can continue their efforts to save lives.”

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