Acting schools running in Mumbai in three months are in reality robbery dens: Lalit Parimu

Actor Lalit Parimu, who has been working in the acting world for the last 35 years, has made a different identity for himself. Be it the serial ‘Shaktimaan’ or the film ‘Haider’ or the film ‘Samvidhan’… in every series and film, he has got to know about his characters and his character. He was liked and remembered for his acting ability. Everyone knows that initially Lalit Parimu’s character of Dr. Jakal in the serial ‘Shaktimaan’ was of only four episodes. But due to his excellent acting, this character was increased to three hundred episodes and ended. Lalit Parimu is still active in acting. Recently, his film “Nar Ka Sur” has been released, in which he has made people admire his acting in the role of village landlord. But along with his activism in acting, he has been teaching acting for less than ten and twelve years to show the way to new people in this field, to promote them. He has his own “Lalit Parimu Acting Academy”. By the way, not only in Mumbai, many acting schools have been opened in many cities of the whole country. But Lalit Parimu has his own way of teaching acting to children and grooming them as actors.

Recently, when he met actor Lalit Parimu, there was a long conversation about his acting academy. Presentation is part of it…

You have been working in the acting world for a long time. You still do a lot of work. Recently your film “Naar Ka Sur” has been released. Then how did this idea of ​​starting acting school come about?

Every artist working in the acting world has some time left. No artist can claim that he shoots for thirty days every month and 365 days every year. He has absolutely no time. Even the biggest actors take a break after completing the shooting of a film. Every artist spends his remaining time in fulfilling his family and his hobbies. So I have also developed three hobbies in my acting journey. I developed the hobby of studying in my vanity van or make-up room during my spare time while shooting. I have been reading poems, stories, philosophy and spirituality. I have always made good use of my free time. Then around 2006 I found that many acting schools have opened all over Mumbai and they are also charging huge amount in the name of teaching acting. I acted with many such actors, who have come to learn acting by paying twenty twenty lakh rupees from very big acting institutes. But his performance in front of the camera was less than mediocre. Then a thought came to my mind that the way we had learned acting, in the same way children of today should also be taught acting. So I thought that the first three months training should be given to the new child, then street plays should be done with them and the better ones should be played with them for a long time. I wholeheartedly wanted to save those people who come to Mumbai city from small towns only with the urge to become a film hero. Even now this is my wish. With this motive, I was inspired to teach acting to new children. But some people who have come to Mumbai only to be misled, no one can save them. This has been my experience as a teacher for the last twelve years. The biggest problem in the field of acting is that everyone lives in a dream. All the kids who come to Mumbai with the desire to become an actor as a teenager are overwhelmed by some or the other big star. Sometimes people are overwhelmed by Amitabh Bachchan, sometimes Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and now some people are overwhelmed by Shahid Kapoor or Karthik Aryan. These kids want to be like them. But in a year they come to the sense that it is foolish to be like them. It is necessary that children learn acting by taking it as a learning. After that, if you earn your livelihood from this, then it will be a great achievement. I have kept a similar course in my acting school. Training for the first three months. Then for three months, he got to act in street plays and small plays. After that training for the next three months as per the need. Till now, many actors are pursuing their career by learning acting from me through this method. I have created an idea in my acting school with my original thinking, which I have named ‘Abhinaya Yoga’. I myself found acting in my career that acting is a yogi’s job. Like Yogi, the actor works completely engrossed in front of the camera, playing with his body, his emotions, his voice etc. In yoga it is called Pratihara and Dharana. So I thought that even in acting there can be perception, there cannot be meditation. Artist can be focused. While acting, the artist forgets everything and gets absorbed in the same character. I found while researching that there are some negative emotions in every boy, which he can also get rid of by stirring up during acting. In the cinema, you must have seen that the actors who play very crying characters or very angry characters on screen, they have only brought out the pain or anger of their personal life. For this he got money, people also praised his acting. I found in the shod that acting yoga should be learned by everyone. It also gives relief from stress. I have made some scenes about some relationships including father son, mother daughter, siblings. I have prepared a booklet on ‘Abhinaya Yoga’, which also contains monologues, in which all the nine Rasas are included… You can be free from any psychological illness for a few days. Those who are not artists, if they practice it, they will also get the benefit of it. People can also be free from stress. It is the stress that people have to engage in on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram. People keep making videos for YouTube or Instagram only to express themselves, their inner thoughts. And they enjoy doing so. Because they get some praise. So keeping all these things in mind, I have started teaching ‘Abhinaya Yoga’ in schools and colleges.

We also keep doing workshops and plays. Recently I directed an online play “Fathers” under my theatrical organization ‘Nat Samaj’. I did this by sitting at home. All the actors were acting from their own homes. Then made that edit. People can watch this drama on my YouTube channel if they want.


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