ABP CVoter Survey: How was the work of CM Yogi in five years? This survey done on UP elections will make you think

Regarding UP, it is said that the CM who comes to Noida, his chair is not left. Since 1985 till now, no CM in UP has been able to sit on the post of Chief Minister for two consecutive terms. Breaking these two myths in the UP elections 2022 for CM Yogi is no less than a litmus test.

The credibility of CM Aditya Nath is at stake in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2022. This election is no less than a litmus test for him in many ways. In the politics of Uttar Pradesh, whoever became the Chief Minister since 1985, he has not been able to occupy power for the second time in a row. However, CM Yogi Adityanath is repeatedly claiming that on the basis of the work he has done in 5 years, people will hand over power to BJP with a majority.

How much power is there in this claim of CM Yogi, it will be known only with the election results on March 10, 2022, but at this time in a recent survey, public opinion on the functioning of CM Yogi has definitely come to the fore. This survey of ABP CVoter Survey is very interesting. Its most important thing is that it has been done in January 2022 itself and more importantly, the survey has also revealed the change in people’s opinion on different dates of the month of January itself.

This Opinion Poll of ABP CVoter on the work of CM Yogi Adityanath is from 6 January to 19 January 2022, in which the opinion of the people at different times has been ascertained.

In the survey, people were asked how was the work of CM Yogi, in response to this, such answers came on different dates. In this survey of ABP CVoter, people’s opinion was taken on three different dates. These include January 6, January 15 and January 19. On January 6, people have been asked how was the work of CM Yogi? In answer to this question, three options were given – good, average and bad. On 6th, 42 percent of the people said that CM Yogi’s work was good, 21 percent averaged, while 37 percent said his work was bad. On January 15, the question was asked again in the ABP CVoter survey regarding the functioning of CM Yogi. This time the number of those who said good work increased by 2 percent. Meaning 44 percent said that the work of CM Yogi was good. Similarly, the number of people who rated his work as average decreased by 1 percent as compared to January 6, that means, on January 15, 20 percent people rated CM Yogi’s work as average, while 36 percent called his work as bad. 1 percent less than on January 6. Now let’s look at the figures of 19 January. On 19th, the percentage of those who described CM Yogi’s work as good was 43, that means it decreased by 1 percent as compared to 15 January, but the number of people who described CM Yogi’s work as average decreased by 1 percent. On 19, this figure came down to 19 percent, while the percentage of those who said that CM Yogi’s work was bad increased by 1% and it came to 38.

Such on the work of CM Yogi between January 6 and January 19 changed public opinion

6 January 15 JanuaryJanuary 19
Good 42%44%43%
Average 21%20%19%

BJP seems to be getting majority in ABP CVoter

In the ABP CVoter survey, BJP has been projected to get 221 to 231 seats in the 2022 UP assembly elections, while SP can get from 147 to 157 seats. In this survey, BSP could get 7 to 13 seats and Congress 5 to 9 seats.

Who has how many seats in the Republic P-Mark survey?

At the same time, if we talk about Republic-P Marq survey, in this the BJP alliance can get from 252 to 272 seats in UP. In the survey, the SP alliance has been estimated to get 111 to 131 seats. In this survey, BSP has been predicted to win 8 to 16 seats, Congress 3 to 9 and others on 4 seats.

Yogi Adityanath first choice for CM post

In the Republic-P Mark survey for the first choice of CM post in UP, 41.2 percent people said Yogi Adityanath as the first choice, while 29.4 percent considered Akhilesh Yadav better. In the survey, 13.4 percent people voted Mayawati, while Priyanka Gandhi was the first choice by 5.8 percent.


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