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5 Bollywood Horror movie you must watch

Bollywood is legendary for business cinema, over the highest drama and masala entertainers. However, the Hindi movie industry has given the North American nation several gems over the years in a very similar genre. whereas horror doesn’t bring the simplest genre of film industry, it will have some movies which will keep you awake for nights and invoke your belief in spirits and curses. These movies transcend the generally funny costumes, sounds of creaking doors, blatant jump scares, or creepy wanting characters. Some movies have avoided these tropes and instead given the North American nation some intensely thrilling and chilling stuff. Once it involves scaring the audience with creepy plots, suspensive sequences and spooky background score.

5 Bollywood Horror movie you must watch

Here are some such Bollywood film industry horror films that are literally sensible which might fill the hunger of each horror flick lover.


1.Tumbbad (2018)

This film is clear to create it to the highest of the list. It’s a mythological adventure story with a stunning chain story and chilling scenes. This film story binds you in front of the screen. fantastically contend and even incident. No absurd scenes, no stupid unforeseen sound of ghost.

Plot- Once a family builds a shrine for Hastar, a monster who is rarely to be worshiped, and tries to urge their hands on his cursed wealth, they face harmful consequences.


  1. Haunted -3D.

This movie is a true horror movie with jump scares, spooky background effects, a criminal offense history, revenge and a robust plot.

PLOT- The narrative revolves around Rehan, a real estate agent who arrives in Shimla to sell a mansion believed to be haunted. Once meeting a mysterious rag picker, Rehan experiences attacks throughout the night whereas staying at the mansion. In a trial to prove there are spirits within, Rehan lands up unsteady upon a letter that reveals a couple of violent incidents. Soon, he finds himself sent back in time so as to undo the one act of violence that led to the mansion turning into haunted for years.


  1. Pari (2018)

It’s a supernatural horror film that supports a dark mythological theme. the construct of spirit falling soft on with humans, their chemistry and also tenderness. Performance and forged are howling.

PLOT- A kind-hearted man tries to assist Rukhsana, a chain lady in a hut who is perhaps a victim of abuse. However, he presently realises that things don’t seem to be as they seem to be.


  1. thirteen B (2009).

The film spooks you with its (serial) killer of a concept. It supported a terribly totally different construct. NO creepy faces, no excessive makeup and still one among the foremost horror film.each the plot and execution are tremendous.

Plot- Manohar, alongside his family, moves into a brand new lodging on the thirteenth floor. However, their peace is disturbed by a spirit that uses the tv set as a medium to speak with them.


  1. The House is adjacent. (2017).

Amazing movie and a Hindi horror movie that matches up to Hollywood standards of films like conjuring & oculus. tons of thrills and chilling scenes with an engrossing plot. The film is additionally shot fantastically within the range of natural depression and there are some breathless shots.

PLOT-Neurosurgeon Krishnakanth and his mate Hindu deity welcome their new neighbours, whose elder girl Jenny includes a crush on him. Once Jenny gets possessed, Krishnakanth intervenes to assist the family.





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