3 transport cities to be built in Yamuna City, industry will get a boost

Greater Noida. Jewar Airport will be the fourth largest in the whole world and the second largest airport in Asia. Its total area is 62001 hectares. The exercise to build it is being done very fast, but the biggest thing is that the manner in which the announcement of the Jewar airport was done, along with the rates of land around it and there had increased overnight. Big companies of the world are ready to invest here and at the same time big industrialists of the country and abroad also want to start their business here.

That is why the Yamuna Authority wants in a planned manner that now different things should be settled near Jewar Airport, space should be marked for different things and there should be every facility which is a state-of-the-art airport and its surroundings. Lives. The authority will set up three transport towns in Yamuna City. The biggest of these will be in Transport Nagar Sector 23. The second Transport Nagar will be in Film City, while the third Transport Nagar will be in Sector 33 Industrial Sector. These transport cities will be built to promote industry in 3 sectors. The Yamuna Authority has already started preparing for this scheme. The detailed project report of the transport city to be built in Sector 33 Industrial Township is being prepared.

This transport city will be built on 25 hectares of land. Here in the industry, a place will be given to park the trucks being loaded and unloaded and for its maintenance, Mechanic Spare Part shops will also be opened. In order to create the Logistics Transport Industrial Sector, the authority has started laying a network of internal roads. Arun Veer Singh, CEO of Yamuna Authority said that a transport hub will also be made in the country’s largest film city, which is going to be built in Yamuna City. This transport hub will be in Sector 21, for which 72 acres of land has been identified. Provision will also be made to give it on rent so that there is no inconvenience during the shooting. He said that a separate Transport Nagar would be set up in Sector 23. The city will be spread over 560 acres of land and all kinds of facilities will be provided to the transporters. (IANS)

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