Delhi: High Court has given a big decision regarding GST, without prior notice, officers cannot go for site inspection without giving this notice.

Traders have to go through a long process to get a new number in state GST, widespread complaints of harassment of traders in the name of on-site inspection

In cases where Aadhar card and PAN card are linked, new GST number is allotted by the officers without spot check, but in some cases where Aadhar card and PAN card are not linked, the officer will have to do it after spot check. The same number has to be allotted. However, for this process, the officer has to first give notice and after that he can go for the site check. But in some cases it was found that the officers reached without any notice. In such a situation, a writ petition was filed in the Delhi High Court that even though the officer was supposed to inspect the spot, he reached without notice and harassed the traders. In this case, the important decision of not having the right to inspect the site without giving notice is to give relief to the traders. However, the trader can benefit only if this decision is implemented in all the states.

GST is mandatory for business

Let us tell you that in today’s time to start any type of business, first of all, you have to get the GST number. In that too, the trader has to go through a very lengthy process to get a new number in the state GST, as his application is rejected on the basis of minor objections. While in some cases there are widespread complaints of officials harassing traders in the name of on-site inspection.

Delhi High Court ruled in favor of traders

The traders of Delhi had also faced a similar problem, hence a writ petition was filed in the High Court. It was stated in this writ petition that traders used to come to inspect the place without notice. In this case, the Delhi High Court has ruled that it is mandatory to give notice to the trader before conducting the investigation there. Also it cannot be checked. However, many traders are going to benefit from this decision.

Action should be taken to benefit all traders

When the GST law was implemented, there was talk of one nation, one tax. Therefore, whatever decision comes regarding GST, it should be implemented in the whole country. Because only the trader who filed the writ petition in the court benefits. In such a situation, traders can get relief only when a decision is taken which benefits all the traders.

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