12 years of drought ended, Vanshvardhan Singh performed the tradition by wearing a pag… (Watch Photos)

Jaipur | Bundi’s New King : As the 26th Maharao Raja of Bundi, the oldest princely state of Hada dynasty, Vanshvardhan Singh on Saturday took a pag in the presence of many prestigious royal families across the country. Bhanej of Bundi princely state and Alwar Maharaja, former Union Minister Bhanwar Jitendra Singh made him wear pag. On the auspicious occasion of Vikrami Samvat Nav Samvatsar, Vanshvardhan Singh was crowned amidst royal traditions and Vedic chants. With this, Vanshvardhan Singh will now be recognized as the head of the Bundi East Raj family, which has been vacant for 12 years.

Bundi's New King :

Bundi’s New King : In the morning, after bathing at Mataji’s Chowki, Moti Mahal, Vanshvardhan Singh offered prayers to the satis at Ashapura Mata Temple, Ranganathji Temple and Moti Mahal. From ten o’clock in the morning the arrival of dignitaries and dignitaries along with the invited royal family, thikanedar and family members started. Soon the Moti Mahal courtyard was filled with people wearing white clothes and saffron safa. Vanshvardhan Singh came to Moti Mahal Garden amidst the beats of drums. After this the pag of late Maharao Raja was brought from Ranganathji temple. Bhanwar Jitendra Singh made Vanshvardhan Singh wear pag amidst traditional rituals and chanting by Rajpurohit Ramesh Sharma, Rajvyas Sakshi Gopal and Raj Acharya Dayanand Dadhich. After this Rajpurohit Ramesh Sharma did the coronation.

Bundi's New King :

Bundi’s New King : After this, Dastur was presented by the present royal families. Alwar Maharaja Bhanwar Jitendra Singh bowed down to Vanshvardhan Singh. After this, Dastur was presented on behalf of Thakur Deep Singh Champawat of Dhanani, the in-laws of Vanshvardhan Singh. Then the Dastur sent by the Kota royal family was presented. After this, Dastur was given by the family of Vanshvardhan Singh. After this, Dastur, Nazar Nichhrawal was presented on behalf of Kotadiat and Thikanedars. Later, people from different societies also presented a low profile to the new Maharao Raja Vanshvardhan Singh.

Bundi's New King :

Bundi’s New King : After this the new Maharawal drummed the satis of Ashapura Mata Temple, Moti Mahal. Sitting in the windows of Amarkand and Samarkand and performed Dhok in the temple of the adorable Ranganathji of Bundi. After this proceeded towards the Garh Palace amidst the flowers. There, after deceiving the satis, Balaji and the stand of the court, a Dastur program took place in Ratan Daulat. Here the jagirdars presented a vision. After this, a procession was taken out in Bundi city in the evening. In this event Maharaja Raviraj Singh of Bikaner, former Governor and Maharaja VP Singh of Badnore, Maharaja Padmashree Raghuveer Singh of Sirohi, Maharaj Kumar Manvendra Pratap Singh of Alwar, Maharaj Kumar of Alwar, Maharaj Balbhadra Singh of Kapren, Raja Priyavrit Singh of Khilchipur princely state, Maharaj Kumar Jaivardhan Singh of Raghogarh, Madhya Pradesh, Prince Pratap Singh of Kutch, Randhir Singh of Bhinder and a large number of princes and Thikanedars participated in the event.

Bundi's New King :

Jalore’s Ger is the center of attraction

Bundi’s New King : Famous Gare dancers from Jalore tied the knot in this event. A unique cultural color mixed in the atmosphere between drums and cards, the beat of wood in Marwari costumes and the whisper of Ghunghuroon.

saffron color everywhere

Bundi’s New King : During this event, people wearing saffron safas were seen everywhere. Cheers amidst cannon blasts also gave a unique color to the atmosphere. The people of Bundi welcomed Vanshvardhan Singh from place to place.

Bundi's New King :

Bundi is the ancient dynasty of Rajputana

The princely state of Bundi is considered to be an ancient princely state of Rajputana. It was founded by Maharao Deva Hada in 1242. There have been many majestic rulers in the Bundi dynasty. It is the first princely state of Hada clan of Chauhan dynasty of Rajputana.

Introduction of new Maharao Vanshvardhan Singh

Bundi’s New King : The new Maharao Raja Vanshvardhan Singh was born on 8 January 1987 in the house of Maharajadhiraj Balbhadra Singh Hada of Kapreen hideout. He did his primary education from Daily College Indore, Madhya Pradesh. College education was done from De Montfort University of Leicester, England. You earned a master’s degree in business management from Canada. For two years, you managed to get experience in an international company. Vanshvardhan Singh returned to Bundi in 2013. He has been made the successor of Maharaja Ranjit Singh according to the lineage tradition. He was married to Mayurakshi Kumari, the daughter of Thakur Deep Singh Dhanani in the year 2016. Vanshvardhan Singh and Mayurakshi have a two-year-old son, Vajranabh Singh. You have a special interest in sports and have won many medals at the national level.

Bundi's New King :

Maharajkumar became Vajranabh on his birthday

Bundi’s New King The birthday of Vajranabh Singh, the two-year-old son of Vanshvardhan Singh, falls on April 2. He was born on 2 April 2020. Vajranabh will now be recognized as Maharaj Kumar of Bundi as soon as his father Vanshvardhan Singh assumes the title of Maharao Raja of Bundi and mother Mayurakshi on his birthday on April 2.

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