Your bank account can be empty with just one SMS, follow these tips to keep money safe


How to Prevent Bank Fraud: In the last total years, digitalization has increased very rapidly in the country. With increasing digitization, there has also been an increase in cyber fraud and bank fraud cases. Every time cyber criminals try to defraud people in new ways. Since the start of the Corona Pandemic, there has been a spurt in the cases of Bank Fraud Cases. Vicious thugs are trying to cheat people in a new way every day. Fraudsters are emptying people’s bank accounts in a few minutes. One of these methods is the method of website Smishing.

Who is Smishing?
This word is made by combining SMS and Phishing. In this, a message is sent to the people that the customers need to update their account. With this they have to register for it. Along with this a link and toll-free number is also sent. After clicking on this link, the entire account of the customer becomes empty in a short time. In such a situation, to avoid such frauds, you need to take special care of some things. He tells-

To avoid smishing, take special care of these things-

  • Do not open any such message and link in mobile phone at all. This can cause virus in the phone
  • Along with this, do not give any kind of financial information on message or email. it can make you pauper
  • If you get any kind of suspicious email or message, then share this information with the bank immediately.
  • Keep checking your bank account at all times to detect any kind of fraudster.
  • Take special care that the bank does not send any kind of message or email (Fraud Email) to get information from you.
  • If you are asked for Internet Banking Security Details like PIN, Password or Account Number in the email, do not share it under any circumstances.

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What is website spoofing?
Website spoofing is also a method of bank fraud. These days it is being used a lot by fraudsters. In this, fraudsters commit fraud with you by creating a fake website. The original website name, logo, graphics and code are also used to make this website appear original. They even make up fake URLs. By sending this email empty your account.

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