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World’s First Climate Change Patient: A Canadian woman is the first patient in the world to be declared a victim of climate change. There is talk of damage due to climate change (Jalvayu Parivartan), but this is the first time that doctors have termed climate change as the cause of disease. Doctors say that hot air and air pollution are responsible for this patient’s respiratory problems and climate change should be blamed for this.

Dr. Kyle Merritt, of Nelson City in the Canadian province of British Columbia, examined this old woman who is suffering from asthma. Dr. Merritt has said that for the first time he has written climate change as the cause of illness in a patient’s prescription.

Dr. Merritt said that if we are not looking at the causes of the disease and only treating the symptoms, then we go further back. The cause of the disease persists and the symptoms are treated as a result of which the disease continues to progress. He said that I try to tell what I see.

Summer (Photo Credits – Social Media)

Hundreds of deaths occurred due to scorching heat and heat

In June this year, British Columbia, located in the west of Canada, was in the grip of severe heat and heat. The temperature of the British Columbia had reached an unprecedented high and more than 500 people died due to these conditions. Due to hot winds and scorching heat, there was a fire in the forests due to which the air quality became 43 times worse than the standard level. This was the situation from June to August.

Doctor Merritt said – We are in the Emergency Department. We take care of all the people, the richest and the poorest, we live with the people from birth to death. It is very painful to see the most vulnerable people in the society, the most vulnerable people getting affected the most. This is disappointing.

Asthma patient (concept photo credit – social media)

The problem of woman increased due to scorching heat and heat

The woman, described by Dr. Merritt as suffering from climate change, is seventy years old and had to come to the hospital after the scorching heat of June. Dr. Merritt says that the condition of this woman has been made worse by the hot winds. She has diabetes and heart disease and lives in a trailer with no air conditioning. All his problems have increased greatly because of the weather.

After the diagnosis of Dr. Merritt, now other doctors in British Columbia have started a campaign called ‘Doctors and Nurses for Planetary Health’ through which the protection of the environment (Paryavaran) will be promoted. . It has been said on the website of this campaign that the climate crisis (Jalvayu Sankat) and its impact on the health of the people is very worrying and there is a need and responsibility for everyone to contribute in this regard.

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