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Lucknow : “If you have depression or tension, then never be in solitude and do not lie down until you have to sleep. By doing both of these things, you can overcome your depression to a great extent.” This was to say of Professor Krishna Dutt of the Department of Psychology, Era University. Let us inform that on the occasion of World Mental Health Day on Sunday, he was the chief guest in the workshop held at Balrampur Hospital Auditorium.

make friends, have a hobby

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Krishna Dutt has been a senior professor in KGMU (Dr. Krishna Dutt KGMU). He told that “A person who has Depression Ka Ilaaj does not commit suicide. But when he recovers, he thinks of committing suicide.”

According to Professor Krishna Dutt- We should make friends with whom we can share all kinds of things. Apart from this, there should be some hobby, which can be completed in free time.

CMO Dr Manoj Aggarwal said the state government is concerned about mental health

Chief Medical Officer Dr Manoj Agarwal, who was present in the workshop, said that from the Center to the State Government, there is concern about mental health. All of us should also take a person with symptoms of mental health around us to the hospital. He asked the social workers and NGO workers present in the workshop to continue their contribution even further.

Operation of District Mental Clinic in Balrampur Hospital

ACMO Dr. Rajendra Kumar Choudhary informed that “District Mental Cell and District Mental Clinic are being operated in Balrampur Hospital, where there is a facility of counseling related to mental health along with treatment.

Apart from this, Manakaksha has also been established, where trained counselors provide proper solutions to the problems of the people.” Earlier, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava talked in detail about various mental disorders. In the workshop, Psychiatry Department of Balrampur Hospital. Head of the Department Dr. Devashish Shukla and Psychiatrist Dr. Abhay Singh also spoke.

In the program, Balrampur Medical Superintendent Dr. Himanshu Chaturvedi, Dr. AC Saxena, District Health Education and Information Officer Yogesh Raghuvanshi, Balrampur Hospital officials, employees, students of Nursing College including various institutions and voluntary organizations working in the field of mental health. Representatives were present.


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