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Winter Tips: By the end of December, the winter season has increased due to the rains. Due to which the fear of getting cold and cold has also increased. From above, the corona virus case spread all over the world has worsened the situation in a similar way. By the way, in this season we get to eat plenty of green vegetables which maintain our health. In this season we should take special care of our health. In this season we should consume more of all those things (thand me kya khana chahiye) which gives internal heat to our body.

We all have many such things in our kitchen, by eating which we can avoid cold. Which is very beneficial in cold days. Let us know what things should be consumed these days.

Egg intake (ande ka sevan)

Most of the people like to eat eggs in the cold. Eggs are considered to be the best source of protein. Eggs can be consumed to keep the body warm in winter. Let us tell you that from reducing the amount of cholesterol, eggs have been considered beneficial for heart disease and eyes as well.

Ginger intake (adrak ka sevan)

What to say if you get ginger tea in cold weather. Ginger is found in every household. It is used from tea to food. Not only does it help in keeping the body warm during cold weather, but it also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in keeping digestion fine. Not only this, many types of diseases are cured by this, diabetes, heart problem, arthritis, cold and stomach ache etc.

Milk intake (doodh ka sevan)

Although people consume milk in every season, but drinking milk in cold is considered very beneficial. Milk is rich in vitamin B-12 and vitamin A, protein and calcium. Drinking milk keeps the health of any person intact. Consuming milk in the cold season can keep you away from the disease.

Soup ka sevan,

Consuming hot soup in the cold not only provides relief from cold, but drinking soup made by mixing many types of vegetables also maintains health. Along with giving internal heat, it gives nutrients to the body. Cold, cold, weakness, easy to digest, those who have the problem of loss of appetite, it also helps in increasing appetite.

Consumption of dry fruits (sukhe meve ka sevan)

Consuming dry fruits in cold is also beneficial. Helps protect against cold. Mixing dry fruits with jaggery and ghee and making laddus of it will prove to be more beneficial in cold.


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