Why this news is very important for the shareholders of Reliance Industries to know!


Reliance Industries Share Update: If you have partly-paid shares of Reliance Industries, then this news is very important for you to know. The process of payment of the last call for the rights issue of Reliance Industries has started from Monday. Investors who have partly-paid shares of Reliance Industries will have to pay Rs 628.50 per share by November 29 on account of share.

The partly-paid shares of Reliance Industries will be converted into fully-paid shares after the completion of the final call payment process. Earlier, Reliance Industries has taken a total of Rs 628.50 from investors in May 2020 and May 2021 for Rs 314.25 twice.

Investors were given options for payment of rights issue

Actually, Reliance Industries brought a rights issue of Rs 53,124 crore in 2020. After completing the rights issue, 42 crore 26 lakh (42,26,26,894 equity shares) shares were issued at a face value of Rs 2.50. For every 10 shares of Reliance Industries, investors were given one share in the rights issue for Rs 1257. For which investors had to pay in 3 times. Reliance had given options to investors for the payment of its rights issue. Under this, the investors to whom these shares were issued had to pay Rs 314.25 at the time of subscription. After this he had to pay the money in two instalments.

What are partially paid shares?

Like common shares, partially paid shares can be bought and sold. Investors buying partially paid-up shares have to pay the rest as per the payment schedule. After payment, they are converted into fully paid shares. Any company issues partly paid shares when it does not require full amount of money for the shares issued at once. The company gives time to the shareholders to pay the balance amount.

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