Why is Team India’s star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja drinking ‘beedi’? You will be surprised to know the reason


Ravindra Jadeja News: Team India’s star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja sometimes makes headlines with his brilliant performance on the cricket field, and sometimes becomes a sensation on social media with his tremendous photos. Now Jadeja has shared such a photo on social media, which has created panic. This photo is becoming increasingly viral and everyone wants to know why Jadeja has posted such a photo.

What’s in this photo?

Ravindra Jadeja has shared a photo on Instagram and Twitter, in which he is seen smoking a bidi. Along with this, he has also written a caption, in which smoking has been described as injurious to health. Apart from this, it is also written that he does not support any kind of smoking and he has used bidi only for photos. This photo is becoming increasingly viral on social media and people are giving different types of reactions.

Why did Jadeja share such a photo?

Recently the Telugu film ‘Pushpa- The Rise’ has been released, in which actor Allu Arjun has played the lead role. In a scene of this film, the actor is seen smoking a beedi, which has been copied by Ravindra Jadeja. Even before this, he copied a dialogue of this film and shared the video on Instagram. He has liked this film very much and that is why he is constantly expressing his reaction about it.

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What is Jadeja doing these days?

Ravindra Jadeja is currently out of Team India due to injury and is undergoing treatment at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. It is expected that soon he will be seen on the cricket field. Jadeja is very active on social media and keeps sharing pictures for his fans.

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