What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation is usually understood to mean dominant and focusing the mind or releasing it and belongings it goes whereas the body stays stationary. The goal in each case is to attain an ‘inner calmness’ and maybe clarity and a deeper understanding of the self and also the universe. 

What are the benefits of meditation?

If we tend to talk to Patanjali, then meditation is the seventh stage of Ashtanga yoga termed Dhyana. The step like a shot before Dhyana is Dharana. Dharana looks to be nearer to what the majority perceive by meditation. It’s the focusing of the mind in order that it’s calm and in restraint and in the majority cases is practiced by directing the mind towards one thing. It may well be an obvious object, sort of a visible light or one thing within the mind’s eye, one’s respiration or a sound.

This discipline brings the mind back to concentration, once more and once more and once more till it will be commanded there for extended periods of your time while not making a huge effort. The mind can resist and can stray altogether. we tend to rarely notice that it’s lost, solely that it’s strayed. generally it’s for less than a couple of seconds and generally it’s a jiffy before we tend to notice. Either way, it should be brought back to the article of our concentration.

You can chant om daily while meditating. The goal is to listen to the mantra clearly and perpetually through the ear with the mind.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation is to relish the object that we tend to be centered. as a result of the mind will currently be fastened on the sound, a gradual association results. we tend to don’t lose our identity. we tend to don’t become one with the sound, there’s the sound that our tongue is creating and there’s who is hearing it , however each is connected whereas being totally different. It’s terribly laborious to progress while not in this association. 

It is represented that because the meditation progresses one enters into a deeper and deeper state of joyous trance is reached once there’s not any awareness of the external world and one is immersed in an ocean of transcendental feeling. 


The benefits of meditation 



The simplest advantages need solely sensible concentration (called dharana) to achieve exceptional awareness. you’ll be able to fulfill these intentions while not ever-changing your sense of self or identity.

Here are some examples of advantages of concentration, that are all terribly valuable:

Calm your mind by specializing in the feeling of respiration.

Feel tingling energy in your hands, an indication of healing energy.

Feel expansive pressure in your forehead, an indication of developing insight.

Experience the depth of your feelings in a couple of people or scenarios.



The second set of advantages needs a shift in your consciousness to a distinct time, area or person. To achieve these advantages, you would like advanced ways to achieve the state known as “Contemplation” (dhyana).

Here are  some examples of Contemplation advantages.

Place yourself in a distant area that was very exalting, sort of a home or retreat place.

Shift the current moment to a time within the past to re-experience a major event as currently.

Shift the current moment forward to experience your last living hour as currently.

Identify with a lecturer and enter the teacher’s meditation.

Hear the voice of your heart and hear its specific steerage regarding your life.

What are the benefits of meditation?

The third set of advantages needs real meditation, wherever you experience the Unlimited in one among its aspects: eternity, time or perfection.

Listen to the ‘sound of the spheres” coming back from within; see the colours and shapes of morality.

Experience unconditional love, endlessly received and given.

Experience yourself as subsumed among all things and beings.

Experience all things and beings as components of yourself.

Expand the radiance of your heart to interlace the sunshine of the celebrities.

Feel yourself as you existed before life: your angelic field of sunshine.

Feel yourself as you’ll still plan life: your resurrected self.

Tune yourself to feel the cry of the center of humanity.

Let yourself be overcome by the cosmic emotions of the universe.

Accept responsibility because the co-creator of your world.




Rushabh Kothari

Senior Journalist at Youthistaan.

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