Viral Photo | Amazing: If you did not stop eating gutkha after seeing the photo, then you will definitely get these 7 rewards!

New Delhi: Hobbies are a very big thing for people, whether it is good or bad, we all know that gutkha is very harmful for our health. But still there are many people who are addicted to gutkha. Consumption of tobacco leads to a fatal disease like cancer, there are many people in the country who have lost their lives due to cancer due to this gutkha addiction, but even today there are many such people consuming gutkha. does. In such a situation, even today there is a need to make them aware of the truth, for this many people are making new efforts on their behalf to bring awareness in the society.

Unique effort to make society aware

Yes, in such a situation, the government and NGOs resort to creative methods to get rid of this bad habit of the people and to make them aware. One such great idea is now doing the rounds on social media, a picture of which has been shared by an IAS officer on Twitter. After seeing which you will also say – the idea is great, in fact everyone is praising this wonderful idea.

picture that went viral

Let us tell you that this photo, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media, was shared by IAS officer Avneesh Sharan on Twitter on May 13. Sharing this, he wrote in the caption – “Great idea.” Since being shared, more than 16 thousand likes have come on this photo so far, and not only this, but it has been retweeted more than two and a half thousand times. At the same time, people are also praising this method, which stops eating gutkha. Everyone is praising this art of the person.

people made comments

In this photo that is becoming increasingly viral on social media, you can see how the harm and diseases caused by eating gutkha have been explained in a unique way. Let us tell you that now this photo is being shared on all social media platforms. People are praising this method in the comments. In such a situation, now a user wrote – A great initiative. So some said – the idea is old but good. Everyone is praising this picture fiercely.

Gurinder Bhatti

Gurinder Bhatti is a Senior Journalist at who is also an Education Strategist, Entrepreneur, Social activist & a helping hand.
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