Uma threw a stone, broke the dam of patience

Bhopal, The dam of patience of Uma Bharti, who repeatedly announced the movement for prohibition of liquor, finally broke when she reached a liquor shop in Bhopal’s BHEL area on Sunday with supporters and pelted a stone in the shop. However, recently Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached Uma Bharti’s residence and discussed with him in this regard.

In fact, due to alcohol or any other type of intoxication, today society is being forced to lead a very stressful life. Especially in a family where one person gets addicted to drugs. His entire family gets ruined and the drug addict himself does not like to listen to anyone, even if he listens to anyone, the family ruined due to intoxication, destroying talents, increasing accidents, increasing crime, due to increasing diseases, most of the society. Part is currently on fire against drugs, while the government is not in favor of imposing prohibition easily for the sake of revenue profit.

This is the reason that whoever raises his voice against drugs will be seen as a hero in the society. Perhaps for this reason, no politician appears directly in favor of intoxication, but due to compulsions, he does not even come out in the open. Some due to political party line and some due to pressure from drug mafia but Uma Bharti might be able to rise above these compulsions because she herself has been marginalized politically and the issue of drug ban movement should give her renewed energy. could.

Madhya Pradesh Uma Bharti

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However, those lines of Dushyant Kumar in which he said, “Who says there can’t be a hole in the sky… Toss a stone with your health, man… Something like those who think that prohibition cannot be prohibition of alcohol.” Uma’s tossed stone can be a ray of hope for them. For the last two years, Uma Bharti, who has been giving date on date regarding the prohibition movement, finally broke the dam of patience and she has expressed her intentions by throwing stones at the liquor shop that in the coming time she will stand firm on the issue of prohibition. and will not compromise on it.

Now there is a need for the government to take action against drug addiction and those who have been intoxicated from morning till night, the government should identify such people and de-addiction centers should be systematically removed from the addiction of such people. Try for it otherwise the ruin in the family cannot stop in the society. It is obvious that Uma Bharti has understood this suffering of the society and by leading this issue, it must have been considered as a means of increasing her political status through public support.

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