Two forest workers injured in leopard attack in Jharkhand

Ranchi. Two forest personnel were injured in a leopard attack in Jharkhand’s Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) while another forest worker got injured while running away from him.

Officials said on Monday that the incident took place after the leopard entered the ‘Sambar Soft Release Center’ at PTR Baresand on Sunday. Officials said that the leopard also attacked a deer and killed it and made its morsel. He said that this deer was kept in the ‘Sambar Soft Release Center’ after being rescued recently. He said the leopard could not be pulled out of the center till Monday morning and efforts were on to bring it out.

PTR Deputy Director (South Division) Mukesh Kumar said Suryanath Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav, two personnel working as ‘forest trackers’ were injured in the leopard attack and another person was injured while running away from the leopard. Dr. Jaiprakash Sahu, the doctor of the hospital said that the leopard had bitten Akhilesh Yadav’s hand and thigh, while Suryanath Yadav’s hand was bitten by the leopard. He had to get 10 stitches and has also been given anti-rabies vaccine. (Language)

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