Today’s date is special in the history of independence

Indian History : Mangal Pandey | Today’s date plays an important role in the history of India’s freedom struggle. Various such incidents happened on this day which are important to remember. Let us know about those incidents….

Mangal Pandey hanged on this day

Born on 30 January 1831 in Nagwan village of Ballia district, Mangal Pandey was a constable number 1446 of the 5th Company of the 19th Regiment at Barrackpore Cantonment near Kolkata. Due to the discriminatory treatment of the British Indian soldiers and many other reasons, Mangal Pandey revolted against the British rule and on 29 March 1857, Mangal Pandey shot Major Hewson at the Barrackpore Parade Ground and cut Lieutenant Bagh with a sword. Gave.

Fat cartridge became the reason for the rebellion

In 1856 a new gun was introduced for the use of Indian soldiers, but the cartridge had to be cut before loading this gun. Rumors spread among Indian soldiers that the fat of cow and pig was used in the cartridges used in these rifles. The soldiers believed that this hurt their religious sentiments. (Mangal Pandey)

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Source – Indus Scrolls

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rumors spread like this

Manmathnath Gupta has mentioned an incident in his book Bharat Ke Krantikari, due to which such a rumor spread among the soldiers that the new cartridge contains the fat of gay and pig. Savarkar has also mentioned this incident in his book.

It is said that one day a Brahmin soldier was going to a village named Dumdum in Calcutta with water in a lote, when a person from a lower caste said that return it, give me water, I have to drink water. On this the brahmin soldier said that how can it be that my religion will be defiled by returning mine to you. On this the low caste person said that those days are now gone, do you not know that soon you will be given cartridges in which Cow and pig fat must have been involved. The new cartridges are deliberately made by adding pig fat so that your pride goes away.

Hearing these words of that low caste person, that Brahmin soldier came running to the camp and spread the word in the whole camp that the new cartridge has deliberately used the fat of cow and pig so that our religion is corrupted.

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Source – News Day Express

No executioner was ready to hang Mangal Pandey

After the rebellion, Mangal Pandey was arrested and the day was fixed for his execution on 8 April, but on that day no executioner was found to hang Mangal Pandey in Barrackpore, because till then Pandey’s fame was all over the country. I was a freedom fighter.

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Four executioners called from Calcutta

When no one in Barrackpore was ready to hang hangman Mangal Pandey, four executioners were called from Calcutta in a hurry and they were not even told who to hang.

The author of Vande Mataram died on this day

The great literary writer and freedom fighter Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay alias Bankim Chandra Chatterjee became immortal forever by writing the immortal song Vande Mataram. Bankim Chandra composed the song Vande Mataram in 1874 to evoke the spirit of patriotism. There is an interesting story behind this creation. (Mangal Pandey) According to the information, the British rulers have composed the song in honor of the Queen of England – God! Save the Queen was made mandatory to sing in every program. Many countrymen including Bankim Chandra were hurt by this. In response to this, he composed a song titled Vande Mataram in 1874. In the main theme of this song, the land of India was addressed as mother. The song was later included in his 1882 novel Anandamath as well. Woven with historical and social fabric, this novel contributed a lot in inculcating the feeling of nationalism in the country. In 1896 a session of the Indian National Congress was held in Calcutta. The song Vande Mataram was sung for the first time in that session.

and what happened

On this day in 1929, revolutionary Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt threw him in the Delhi Assembly Hall and gave his arrest.

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