TN Police to acquire high-end tools to check cyber crimes

Chennai, Dec 2 (IANS) The Tamil Nadu cyber police have floated tenders to acquire high-end forensic tools to bring the actual culprits behind cyber crimes and to retrieve the data deleted by the criminals, sources said.

The aim is to collect authentic data so that a foolproof investigation is conducted to bring the criminals to justice.

It is to be noted that cyber criminals in general delete the videos that they have uploaded on their telephones, laptops, and even in cloud format.

However to put an end to this, the cyber crime police of Tamil Nadu is soon purchasing a Universal Forensics Extraction Device (UFED) 4 PC.

This, according to cyber experts is a data extraction tool that can retrieve data that are deleted from cell phones, laptops, desktops and even in cloud servers.

The police will also buy tools that are required to extract data from message applications like WhatsApp, decrypt passwords, decipher images, and facial recognition.

The passwords and the IP of the encrypted data will be a hindrance for the cyber sleuths to break into the networks of the criminals.

The cyber experts of the police told IANS that the new tools that would be bought through the tendering process would help the department to crack these.

According to Greater Chennai Police, there is an increase in cyber crimes in the city including blackmailing of men and women, using cyber expertise to siphon off money from gullible bank accounts, and several cyber crimes are reported and complaints lodged on a daily basis.

The increase in the number of complaints is one reason for the cyber wing police to upgrade the tools and tenders are floated for buying the latest gadgets.



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