Threaten 64 leaders including former Chief Ministers of Karnataka, make arrangements for your funeral

New Delhi | Karnataka News: A sudden message has raised the concern of many leaders including former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah. A message is going viral on social media in which 64 leaders including two former CMs of the state Siddaramaiah and Kumaraswamy have been threatened with death. Since this message went viral, there has been a stir in the police department and taking the matter seriously, the police is busy investigating the matter.

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It is written in the message… make your funeral arrangements
Karnataka News: In this threatening message that killed politicians, it is written that death is hidden all around you, be ready to die. You are on the path of destruction. Death can kill you in any form. Inform your family members and make arrangements for your funeral.

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Former Chief Minister warns not to take the threat lightly
Karnataka News: The concern of all these leaders has increased due to this message that has gone viral on social media. Along with this, former CM HD Kumaraswamy has also appealed to the government not to take this threat lightly. The opposition Congress and JD(S) have blamed the ruling BJP for such threats, saying it is promoting Hindu organizations to create unrest in the society.

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