The Kashmir Files: All the ministers and MLAs of the state went to see ‘The Kashmir Files’…

Bangalore | The Kashmir Files : At present, there is a strong discussion on The Kashmir Files across the country, talk about social media or people of main stream media are talking only on this film. This film has been made tax free in many states of the country. In this episode, arrangements have been made by the assembly in Karnataka for ministers and MLAs to watch the film ‘The Kashmir File’ at 6 pm on Tuesday. On Sunday itself, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai was seen in a photograph while watching a film with his family. Later speaking on this, he declared that the film is tax free in the state.

The film is on the killing of Kashmiri victims.

The Kashmir Files : On Monday, Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri informed the ministers and MPs in the Assembly about watching the film. According to the information of the government and the Speaker of the Assembly, the ministers of Bangalore are going to watch the movie ‘The Kashmir File’ in the mall this evening. Cinema viewing has been arranged by the Ministry of Legislative Assembly. This film is based on the murder and immigration of Kashmiri victims. But the Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah has said that he will not go to see the film. He also gave the reason for this. He said that those who want to come can go. I don’t like watching movies that much, so I am not going to watch the movie ‘The Kashmiri File’.

PM Modi has also praised

The Kashmir Files : Let us inform that Karnataka Home Minister Araga Gyanendra has seen the film. Not only this, Vijaypura MLA Basanagouda Yatnal has arranged to watch ‘The Kashmir File’ for free. The Kashmir Files model will be released in the district on May 21, and will be available for free viewing at Apsara Theatres. Regular afternoon shows have been arranged for free viewing for a week. Along with this, former Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said that he will watch the film. Shri Yediyurappa praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for filming ‘The Kashmir Files’.

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