The great player said – Shane Warne is magical in my eyes, but not the greatest…

New Delhi | Shane Warne Gavaskar Controversy: Bowler Shane Warne, known worldwide for his charismatic bowling, died two days ago due to a heart attack. Remembering this great bowler, the eyes of many veterans got watery. In such a situation, many cricketers paid their tribute to him by getting emotional. In such a situation, the statement of India’s great batsman Sunil Gavaskar has been very much discussed. He has said that according to me the late Shane Warne has bowled magically in his career but he is not the greatest spinner. He cited the reason for his pursuit and said that his performance in India was ‘average’.

Australian media condemnation

Shane Warne Gavaskar Controversy: It is also common to discuss this statement of Shane Warne because perhaps this is not the right time for this statement. However, there has been a lot of condemnation in some circles of the Australian media regarding the timing of this statement of Gavaskar. Let us inform that Warne has taken 708 wickets in 145 Tests for Australia since his debut in international cricket in 1992. He took 293 wickets in 194 ODIs. In such a situation, at least in Australia, he is seen as the best spin bowler in the world.

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Muttiah Muralitharan over Warne…

Shane Warne Gavaskar Controversy: When Gavaskar was asked whether he considers Warne to be the greatest spinner? So answering this, he said that Indian spinners and Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan will be placed above Warne. He said that I would not say that he was a great bowler, for me the Indian spinner and Muttiah Muralitharan is better than him. Although he also definitely said that he used to bowl like a magician.

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